Tuesday, August 12, 2008

::Lunch time walk::

Working on the rez has it's advantages, and not just the George .W Bush Presidential Library or the all-in-one Liquor Store/Gun Shop/Lingerie Boutique.

In addition to those fine institutions, we have, nearby, one of my favotire places to escape the office for awhile, Heyburn State Park, at the very southern tip of Lake Couer d' Alene. Driving into the park reminds me so much of Oregon:

This is the view through the little "interpretive shelter" to the lake beyond:

I love how they had kids do the drawings of what you might see:

This is looking through the duck-blind, out over the marsh. In spring this is completely covered in water and there are thousands of ducks, herons, osprey and tundra swans here.

This time of year it's too warm during the day and I don't see many birds, but I did see Cedar Waxwings:

and Eastern Kingbirds:

It's different each time I go, depending on the season and even time of day. I love it out there.


Dee said...

Gorgeous ! What a lovely place to go,----it must be nearly impossible to go back to work. So great that it's so close, so available. The duck blind is awesome--even ,more so when the water and birds are there. Glad its all there for you ! enjoy !

daisy janie said...

WOW! That pic out of the duck blind window is un-freaking-believable!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

I LOVE that kind of stuff. What a great escape!