Friday, August 29, 2008


I just have to share this with you. While browsing etsy (as I have been known to do) I found this gorgeous 1950s dress from a shop called My Favorite Vintage: Described as "Sky blue linen with pockets, excellent condition, waist: 24 inches."

24 inches? Twenty four inches???

My eight year old daughter (who is very slim for her age) has a 21 inch waist.


I'm going to go eat a Twinkie now and try not to think about it.


Dee said...

What a beautiful dress. Someone has taken good care of it, cherished it and now will share it with someone with a cute small waist. grrrrrrrrrrrr

jpogue said...

HEY! It would fit me! I'll take it and pretend I'm June Cleaver! I LOVE that dress!

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful... People have a waist that is in their 20's..can we shoot them??

kate said...

Dear Jodi,

Bite me.


jpogue said...


Robyn said...

That is really gorgeous, except I can't get over how those pockets would make my hips look like a Mack truck.

But oh, the color...