Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I've mentioned before that several months ago two of my friends talked me into getting on Facebook. I figured I'd "chat" back and forth with them a few times and then the novelty would wear off. I am, afterall, OLD...and I thought Facebook was kind of like myspace. Meaning, if you watched Gilligans Island and the Brady Bunch growing up and you remember Michael Jackson back when he was a black man, you're way too old to be on there.

Anyway, it turns out that I've re-connected with all kinds of people from my past. I'd told you about finding my old friend Mitch; well just in the past two days I've talked to people ranging from a guy I had in German class and we played hacky sack together every day, to a girl who was, um, truly one of a kind and for some reason we had this running joke in English class that involved her pretending to be my grandma and BARKING at me. Don't ask. I have no idea. Also, one of my dear friends from high-school Katie Kilgrow and surfaced on there. I would never have found her otherwise.

And there are many others; there is a whole group on Facebook (Private Idaho, named, of course, after the B-52s song that we all loved back then) dedicated to the very people I hung out with in high-school and my 20s; the Vespa-riding, coffee-drinking, clove-smoking, thrift-store clothed weirdos who played hacky-sack at lunch and followed every punk-and-new-wave-inspired band in town. The message board for that group reads like my weekend schedule back then, bands with names like Famous In Spain and The B Sides playing at the Crazy Horse and Brass Lamp Pizza (which, in bizarre twist of fate, was owned at the time by the man my sister later married).

It has been so fun remembering those days, and so interesting to see what many of those people are doing now. I think I like this Facebook thing. Maybe I'm not so old afterall!


Anonymous said...

I have been SO tempted..I have friends on facebook..I just can't. I think it would be such a HUGE time suck.

kate said...

And that's a problem because...???
You of the 947 blog blog-roll. :)

jpogue said...

Isn't it fun to find old friends!!!

Whosyergurl said...

You say "facebook" like it is a bad thing. "BE MY FRIEND!" :-) I got on facebook because the students @ BSU made me. BUT, it has been so much fun, and, a great way to stay in touch. I'm friends with my children! One day my daughter's post said "Censored because I'm friends with my Mom!" ha.
You crack me up..."if you can remember when Michael Jackson was black..." HA!

Robyn said...

Alright, I'm in. Just joined last night. Because yeah, I needed to waste more time! Anyways, love it so far. I'll have to find you!