Tuesday, August 12, 2008

::phone call from an 8 year old::

"Hi mom!"

"Hi love!"

"Hey, do you mind if we use some of the paint in the garage to paint some ants' butts?"


"No really! If you hold them very gently by their heads and just dip their little booties in the paint, it really works!"


"So we can identify them later if we see them in the wild. DUH."


jpogue said...

Oh my gosh! You need to have Anna dip their little booties in the paint and then put them on paper and let them crawl around and then sell the artwork on Etsy!

Your next blog better be your highlights of the last year!

Dee said...

Are you keeping all these conversations for future use in a book? They are too outrageous to just let go. You can't ignore them, they must be shared by the masses !
" Paint ants butts !" -------
WOW ( shaking my head )

Andrea said...

I faintly remember asking my parents the exact same thing...

Oh wait. I never asked.

Anna, I love you!

kate said...

ANDREA!!!! Yay! Andrea visits my blog! Andrea visits my blog! Wahooooo!!!

Hi Sweetie! Whatcha doin'?

Anna says hi. I love you!

JACKI said...

LOL...ROTF...LMAO!!!!!! I think that may be the cutest & funniest thing I've heard. That one will definitly need to make it into aunt Linda's book!

Anonymous said...

That child needs to work w/ Jack Hanna..then they can be on Letterman together, they would win an Emmy

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

Yup, she's so much like Andrea, it's scary.

Speaking of Andrea, NANNIA, whatcha doing? I love you!