Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I haven't mentioned it lately, but we have the best dog in the world.

When I was little, my family really DID have the best dog ever, a silver & black German Shepard named Smokey. Smokey would let us kids lay all over her and use her as a pillow, she'd let me dress her puppies up in my doll clothes, and she even allowed a stray fawn to attempt to nurse. Best of all, she knew when any of us was sad and she'd come lay by us and love us (or let us love her) until we felt better. As grown-ups, every one of us kids has attempted to find our own Smokey and have each failed miserably.

Until Moby. He comes the closest to living up to the gold-standard set by Smokey. He allows Anna to lay on him; heck, he even allows BUNNY to crawl on him.

He lays in the middle of the highest-traffic area of the house, like this:
Until someone finally takes the hint and scratches his chest.

And the best thing ever: he SMILES when we come home.
I have tried and tried to get a picture of this, but I have to be quick and have the camera ready as I am walking through the back gate, and then, if he can't see ME smiling (because the camera is in the way) he won't do it. When he smiles, it makes him sneeze. It's so cute.

And for good meaure, a gratuitous Anna-and-Rootbeer picture.

I love our furballs.


Anonymous said...

Big dogs are great..especially when the realize that they own the house...

Dee said...

In the last picture, Anna is also a fur ball. Only one eye shows but it is a beautiful blue eye.

Moby is a sweetheart---such a big boob. I just know he's glad that Anna came into his life ! AND, you too, since he smiles at you and you baby him. How cute is that!

kate said...

I know! I almost commented about Anna being a furball too; she's growing her bangs out and it's DRIVING ME CRAZY!! And she refuses to wear a barrett or anything....I'm ready to use some duct-tape to keep it off her face. But as she says, it's her hair....sigh...damn 8 year old is too smart for her own good.

I sure as hell don't remember getting to choose how I wore my hair...until I was about 18! ha!

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

I love furballs too. And I MISS furballs! All I have now is feathers... But,... they're pretty cool feathers, so I should feel lucky.

Whosyergurl said...

I had a Cocker Spaniel as a child named "Blackie" and he let me lay on his side and use him for a pillow, too!
That pic of your daughter and bunny is BEAUTIFUL!


David said...

Great pix of Moby and the other furballs.