Wednesday, August 27, 2008

it must be fall

because I suddenly have a crazy urge to sew and knit again! I just don't do much of that stuff during summer; it's too hard to be inside in my little craft-cave when it's so beautiful outside. I have actually considered taking my sewing machine out on the porch...but that might be weird and complicated.

A few things I have planned: I definitely need to make some napkins; I'm a bit of a cloth-napkin-nazi...paper is so wasteful and, well, cloth napkins just feel nicer. And when we had impromptu dinner guests a couple weeks ago, I was ONE cloth napkin short. Arrghh. That just will not do.

I LOVE these colors:

And look at the big-honkin' wooden buttons she's used as napkin rings. Totally stealing that idea.

I am going to make this:

Not that I need another bag, but really? It's not about need, now is it?

I have been wanting to try quilting and I love this:
I think because the edges are all spazzy, I could maybe pull this off. Anybody know how to make a rag quilt?? It looks like you just sew wrong sides together, but it couldn't really be that simple, could it? Could it??

And somebody needs to have a baby so that I can knit this:
I love knitting and sewing kids' clothing because that's about all my gnat-like attention span can handle. Instant gratification. So go forth and procreate, right now, ok? So that I can knit and sew for the little booger. Go! Hurry! Git.

I got all these ideas of my favorite craft-porn websites:
Bend the Rules Sewing, a website devoted to things created from the wonderful book by the same name, by Amy Karol.

And Sew Mama Sew, the project-sharing page by the on-line fabric shop by the same name.

Both have lots and lots of inspiration.

Now, I have to get busy digging through my fabric stash! Wohoo! I love autumn!!


Dee said...

Wellllll, and aren't you little Miss Susie Homemaker ! Crafty little devil ! All those look so beautiful and so much fun. Enjoy !

jpogue said...


I wish I had an apron...

kate said...

Oh christ. That apron is going to haunt me for the rest of my life. See...I started it back when I really didn't know what the hell I was doing on a sewing machine. I seem to remember something about "Oh, it will be even cuter if I improvise on the pockets" and then it all went horribly wrong and I threw it in the back of a closet. HOPING that I would never have to think about (or see it) again.

Um...can I make a bib for you? A very tiny t-shirt? How about a wee pair of socks??

Dee said...

You can knit a sock for each of her toes. How's that for tiny?

Send Jodi the apron just the way it is-----she'll never wear it anyway and she'll stop bugging you about it !----she can use it for a dust cloth. Or Elmer can use it for ---- oh any number of things out in that bottomless garage.

JACKI said...

its funny that you ask about rag quilts. I got a sewing machine last spring and have never really learned how to use it. My step-mom is coming over (hopefully tonight!) to teach me how to make a rag quilt. She says its the easiest thing to start with, so thats what Im doing.

I LOVE the one you posted on your blog! LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors!

Jenna Z said...

oooh, what a cozy post! And about rag quilts-it really is that easy! The hardest part is not the sewing, it's the fringing. You sew the blocks together wrong sides together, usually with a layer of flannel in between for warmth and weight. Then you cut all those raw edges into fringe (like on a no-sew fleece blanket) so that when you wash it, the raw edges unravel and become lovely and fluffy. Sharp scissors and lots of breaks! Some people make them with jeans material but I can't imagine my hand surviving that!

JACKI said...

yes.... just wrong sides together and then you make little snips in the fabric and then wash it. It really IS that easy! I'll let ya know how my lesson goes.

kate said...

Jacki, that's WEIRD. I have literally NEVER heard of a rag quilt in my life, until I saw that one today. And now you're going to make one. Let me know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

I love all those colors..very pretty