Thursday, August 21, 2008

News of the day

I never, ever read the Spokane newspaper; I don't need to be reminded on a daily basis how weird the people in this town are. But this morning I was sitting in the auto repair shop (sigh...) waiting for a ride back to this side of town, and I picked up the newspaper. Let me just way, WOW. There was about 3 weeks' worth of blogging stories in that one paper alone. These two were my favorites:

Spokane Police are trying to track down the origin of a "mystery drug" that is causing people who use it to strip naked, roam the neighborhood and DEFECATE in strangers' yards. One woman reported to police that she was awakened at 3am only to find a young man, completely naked, knocking on her door. He then grabbed the cushions off her patio furntirue, covered himself with them, stopped just long enough to take a dump in her yard, and then ran off into the night. "The thing that's most strange" said an investigator, "is that they have no recollection of their behavior." There have been FOUR such incidents in the past week.

And, if you hurry over to Ebay, you still have a chance to win a 1951 pick-up once owned by Randy Weaver! For those of you who don't remember, Randy Weaver was the nut-job who got into a shoot out with Federal agents (one of them was killed) as they were investigating him for supplying guns to members of the Aryan Nations. The people selling the truck said "We think we can get a lot of money for this truck. A few years ago someone paid $8 million for a car from the Dukes of Hazard."

I think I just may have to start reading the paper more often.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking that Randy Weaver was the one who abducted and killed those two little girls....but Kate is probably....I mean for sure, right!Sheri

jpogue said...

Yea, Randy Weaver was the guy who barracaded himself and his family in their house up north. His wife, son, and friend were all killed along with US Marshall Bill Degan.

Why in the heck would anyone even CARE about his truck???

kate said...

Because people are WEIRD?? I guess the same people who would buy Claude Dallas' saddle, right?

Although these people had it listed on ebay once before and didn't get a single bid. ha! Yet they're still hoping for $8 million or so.

Sheri, I like you. ;)

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

Yeah, for those reasons right there, I find that ignorance is bliss. I try to remain as uninformed as possible.


Dee said...

Those people are going to be waiting a lonnnnnnng time to get rich from that pickup, as the only people interested are other nutjobs who don't have ANY money !

As for the crazies who can't remember what they did, the pill taken is called------a laxative, and loss of memory is caused by over indulgence of alcohol.


mysecondjournal said...

I used to date a guy who's family ran a small town newspaper.. They would report on relatives that were visiting family as well as anniversary's and stuff. :-)

Pooping in the street.. meth..