Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Ok, so those of you who know me (or read this silly little blog) know that I, in attempt to be funny, surprised and offended someone by making light of the woman in Oregon who was hit by a train. And those of you who know me know that I am VERY sensitive to offending people. I mean, OBVIOUSLY I have no problem offending my family by ranting about politics **snort** but the thought of offending a stranger? This bothered me deeply. This person, "anonymous" as she calls herself, :) left a comment on that post saying that she would never come back. First of all, the fact that someone OTHER than my mom and sisters reads this blog blew my mind. Second, the fact that I have a reader that is not required by law to love me and yet she CHOOSES to read my blog and THEN I offended her? That was more than I could stand. Anyway, she came back and softened her stance a bit, and says she forgives me. While I will never stop laughing at dumb shits who bonk their head on tree branches or fall on their butts on the ice or whatever, I did need to be reminded that that woman is someone's daughter/sister/friend. And obviously, she needs our compassion. So thank you, "anonymous", for reminding me of that and for coming back. As I said in my response (in the comments on that post), you and your opinion are welcome here any time!

And now, I can sleep tonight and get back to focusing on the task at hand: getting married in 3 days! Whooohoooo! Family and friends, I'll see you this weekend. The rest of you readers (um, all 3 of you) I'll be back next week with stories and photos!


jpogue said...

Can't wait to see you tomorrow sister!

I still think the gal on the tracks will laugh about that someday...

Jenna Z said...

Just wanted to chime in as another reader who is not required to love you but still does. And was not in the least offended by your post. Because, really, inevitably, people are responsible for their own actions and sometimes those actions are stupid.

Dee said...

I'm glad you and anonymous "talked". That made both of you feel better, and we know what a loving, caring person you are-- with a goofy sense of humor like the rest of us.

Whosyergurl said...

Um, yeah.

"some people!"

Can't wait to see pics of your wedding!

Signed, Cheryl
The Fourth Reader