Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Ok, plan B is in place for the wedding dress fiasco. The back-up dress arrived yesterday and it is cute and best of all, IT FITS. No buttons, no zippers. I have my final fitting for the wedding dress tomorrow, with the zipper replaced. We'll see.

In other news, it's really beginning to feel like autumn. David re-lit the pilot light on the fireplace today in preperation for those chilly mornings when it feels sooooo good to sit and bask in its warmth. Despite that today is supposed to be in the low 80s, I'm wearing pants. I live in skirts and dresses and shorts and flip-flops all summer, but now I'm ready for sweaters and clogs.

I was listening to Bill Mahr the other day; I love him! One line in particular made me laugh: "Five kids. Five kids?! Doesn't anyone in the Republican Party know the meaning of the phrase PULL OUT??" *snort!*

Um...ok, is it obvious that I have nothing to say but I'm just trying to move on from my last (admittedly sick) post? Yeah. Turns out someone who lives near Junction City reads my blog and was offended. Which makes me feel sick and ashamed. God, I could never be Dooce, who gets hatemail by the barge-full. Of course, when your blog has enough readership (and sponsorship) to allow your husband to quit his job and your blog pays your mortgage, you can find it in yourself to develop the skin of a rhino when it comes to hatemail. Me, not so much. sigh.


Dee said...

So glad the back up dress fits ! And good luck with the wedding dress.
Apparently the track lady is going to be ok, has a laceration to the head, so it wasn't fatal. So, that's very good news. Perhaps anonymous overreacted a bit.
As to the other---- McCain was referring to a plan that Hillary was advocating, meaning it was a bad idea. BO, on the other hand was referring personally to Sarah Palin, a direct personal hit. Neither one of them should be using such childish slurs. Grow up guys, talk about what you can do for your country.

jpogue said...

Well, as a family who has experienced murder, we have discovered that we have to laugh at things in order not to cry or worry about every sick thing that goes on in life.

Besides, if you're going to do dumb ass things, you have to expect dumb ass results. Even if it had happened here in Boise, I'd still be thinking, "I guess that bit her in the butt." You were'nt being vicious, you were laughing at something someone did that was STOOPID!