Monday, September 15, 2008


I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I got married this past weekend. Did I mention that?

I don't have all the photos yet but when I do, I'll certainly post more. Many, many more. So many that you will BEG me to rant about politics and trash Sarah Palin for her loan-officer-at-a-small-Utah-bank hair-do. Oops, lookee there, I got off track.

Anyway, here are a few photo appetizers, if you will:

On Friday we went to meet the people arriving from out of town; the hotel they stayed at was right on the Boise River so Anna wasted no time getting her feet wet. I wasted no time losing my car keys and spending then next 45 minutes in the scorching sun making David help me search through brush and weeds and sand. Christina found them in a trash can. But I wasn't stressed out. Oh no.

Here is just ONE from the wedding, of me and my girl friends, of Mom's Gone Wild fame. This is the first time my sisters had met these girls (although they've certainly heard the stories). The next morning my sister Lala said "Man, those girls are TROUBLE. Now I see how you ended up in the emergency room after your last weekend with them!"

And look! I managed to get the JCREW dress zipped! I didn't wear it for long, but while I did I loved it. Look at Nichole's vintage in-laid cowboy boots. If I didn't like her so much I would have killed her and hidden her body and stolen her boots.

Ok, there is so much more coming about the wedding, including pictures of the man I married. He does exist, I swear. Hi sweetie! It's day 2 of your life sentence. I'm so glad I get to spend the rest of my life with you.

So hopefully my sister will get off her skinny lazy butt* and get the photos to me. Hello? Sister? tap tap tap....Are you out there??

*the truth is, this wedding wouldn't have happened without my sister's hard work. She did 98% of the work involved. She must be exhausted. I hope she's taking a nap.


Whosyergurl said...

CONGRATS Kate & Mr. Kate.

I'm very happy for you!

I can't wait to see all of your pics.

Your still single friend in IN,


Dee said...

It was a sweet wedding and you were a beautiful, happy, lovely bride. ! Your groom was handsome ! and it was a fabulous day ! We all loved it.
Anna was in her element at the river---you should have gotten married there and Anna could have been so happy right where she was. Cute pictures of her.
Thanks for having the wedding here so we could all be there.
Have a lovely day Mrs. David !

jpogue said...

I'm going to have jacki help me figure out how to put your pics on photobucket or something. I have to work until 9 tonight but I'll try to get them on when I get home.

It was SO MUCH fun!

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

It was a lot of fun! I have a whole bunch of photos too. I think I can just email them to you. I'll try.

David said...

Great pics of Anna. Hey where's my beer woman?!?. Don't make me hurt you. :-)

jpogue said...

HA! Mr. Kate, your comment cracks me up! One of the "questions" I had for the "Dysfunctional Family Feud" game we never played was"

David, if you send Kate down the road with a gas can, what should you NOT do?

Ask her to bring back beer too.

Dee said...

I wish we had played your game. It would have been fun !

kate said...

Now that is NOT true. Just don't ask me to return with WINE. Beer, no problem.

Jod, I wish we would have played that!!

"Mr. Kate." I think I like the sound of that.