Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I shall post wedding photos soon

just as soon as I finish weeding out the pictures of my sister's (who had the camera) grandchildren.

Pictures of the groom: 3
Pictures of the groom's mother: 1
Picutures of the groom's middle brother: ZERO
Pictures of Allie and Kole being cute: 189

I am not even exaggerating.

Proving, once again, that you get what you pay for.

; )


Dee said...

well SOMEBODY must have pictures ! There were also lots taken by other people, including Shifflebine and he's a pro. Someday you'll get pictures !

JACKI said...

hey now... you didnt give clear instructions oh WHO to take pictures of!

And geez... you didnt mention the good things... like the fact that I got like 50 pictures of you & your sister wildly flashing the camera in the jump house. Now how bout' those ones?!

jpogue said...

Actually, there were lots more pictures, especially of you guys cutting the cake that were blurry so I deleted them. So, about 1/3 of the pictures taken I deleted. I'm sure Linda must have got some good ones!

kate said...

Jacki, you did an excellent job! There will plenty of proof of how cute your kids looked that day! : )

And thanks, but no thanks on the "flashing everyone in the bouncy house" photos.

lisa said...