Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Because I suck at keeping secrets, I have to share this: I have been invited to be GUEST EDITOR for one of my favorite bloggers!! This means I will have my very own monthly "column" if you will.

We're still hammering out the details (my entourage, my per diem, my demand that I only fly first class, my NEED for a personal massage therapist) so I can't say more. In other words, there is still time for her to come to her senses and back out.

But in the meantime, I've encouraged David to quit his day job immediately because, well, it's just a matter of time until, like Dooce (and NO it's not Dooce), my blog will pay our mortgage.

*PS. Thank you sooo much for prying me off the ceiling with your support and advice below. I know that this is just another of the phases that we've been through and god knows we'll go through again. HolyshitisshegoingtobeHELLasateenager.


jpogue said...

Well, if anyone would be good at making fun of others, it will be you!

Dee said...

OMG, a celeb in the family ! Can you now support us all ? I want a new car, and um, a new lawn, and---oh I'll just leave it up to you. Surprise me.
It sounds like fun----someone is so smart to enlist you. !

Anonymous said...

OOOO can't wait to hear the details!!

Robyn said...

I am very intrigued and maybe a bit jealous. Can't wait to hear more details!!