Thursday, September 25, 2008


No, it's not "talk like a pirate week" (that was last week. Seriously.) I'm so irritated with Blogger. Up until about six months ago, Blogger would automatically notify me via email when someone posted a comment on my blog. It would include the commenter's email so I could reply to them privately if I wanted. But then, out of the blue, Blogger stopped alerting me when someone comments on my blog. EXCEPT FOR ME. When I post a comment, blogger thoughtfully sends me an email letting me know that I've commented on my own damn blog. Er, THANKS.

So now, when someone else, like Imez for instance, posts a comment telling me that I am brilliant (well, she didn't use that exact word but I think she was thinking it) I have no way of replying via email.

Does anyone else have this problem with blogger, and how can I fix it???? (and yes, I've done the obvious and tried to re-set my preferences.)


Robyn said...

I hope to not be Captain Obvious, but... you checked your spam filter, yes?

My emails about my blog comments get kicked there every so often. Meaning, not just every so often, one gets sent there. I mean, every so often, they ALL get sent there, and I have to go do some resetting.

If this ain't the problem, then I can't help ya. And nobody would be surprised by that.

kate said...

Dear Captain Obvious,
Er, how does one set their spam filter? No, I'm SERIOUS. I use yahoo for my email...I'll go look around. If all else fails, well, luckily I'm sleeping with my technical support.

Thanks for the tip; every little bit helps!

Robyn said...

Well, I don't use Yahoo, so I can't speak on specifics for you. But I'm pretty sure any mail hosting service that offers spam filtering tosses the spam into a junk folder. I periodically skim that folder and pull out the inevitable legit emails (and then delete all the rest - fortunately, the spam is not automatically deleted for me). If I expect to receive future emails from that legit sender, I can go into my preferences and put that sender on a list of acceptable addresses.

Unfortunately, I have no idea if this is how Yahoo does things. Your tech support should be able to help you there. I know how valuable sleeping with them can be!