Thursday, September 18, 2008

6 unremarkable things about me

This silly blog of mine is mostly for my personal entertainment and that of my mom and sisters. However, I do have 2-3 completely random people who have found there way over to my little corner of the world and the read and comment regularly. Hi Robyn! Hi Cheryl! Hi MP! In fact MP (or Mary Pat as I like to call her because, well, that is her name) "tagged" me for a meme. A meme (which must stand for something but hell if I know what) is where someone in the blogosphere starts a questionnaire and then asks people to answer the questions.

This one is called "6 Unspectacular Things About Me". Now really. How in the hell am I supposed to limit it to six??By the way, my interpretation of "unspectacular" means common/boring/unimaginative and downright dull. So, here we go.

6. I do not like sushi. This has been a near deal-breaker with every man I have ever dated. You could offer to take me out to the best sushi restaurant in the country and I would say "No thank you, I'll just have a bowl of Cheerios." Seriously: what is it about men and sushi??

5. I like plain cotton underwear. Preferably black although I have branched out now to pink, lavender and even orange. No prints, no lace, and NO thongs.

4. I prefer white bread over wheat. I know it's wrong. I know that white bread is completely lacking in nutrition. I know that this puts me on the same culinary plane as every 7 year old on the planet. But peanut butter and jelly on white bread? Simple Delicious. Satisfying. Oh, and smooth peanut butter only, please.

3. I need 8-10 hours of sleep a night. Flannel sheets and down blanket year-round but WITH the windows open.

2. I do not understand spending time watching reality television. Although I guess that this actually makes me rather remarkable, because god knows I am in the minority in this country.

1. Las Vegas is truly the last place on the planet that I would go on vacation. I would choose Calcutta over Las Vegas. Although again, this probably seems remarkable to most people in this country.

Oh hell, who am I kidding? There are few things about me that could be considered normal. And you know what? I am ok with that. Although I'm sure if you asked David, he could come up with a list a mile long of things that make me unimaginative and all-American. But we're not asking David, are we? Besides, I think I am a unique and special flower.


So now I'm supposed to tag 6 other bloggers. Jodi, Lala, Jacki, Heather, Cheryl and Robyn: you're it!


jpogue said...

Ok, ok. I'll get to it tonight or tomorrow.

Dee said...

WELLLLL, you are not "unspectacular" in any way ! All my kids are ----remarkable, charming, fun, funny, individualistic, opinionated, unusual, and scary. That pretty well sums it up.
Oh, yeah, and I love 'em !

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

I wanna know why you took off the round brush post. I have very fond memories of that little incident!!!

kate said...

Lala, blogger was acting really strange as I was typing that and after I published it I realized it only published up until it had been saved last (half way thru the post) so I retyped the entire thing again and the same thing happened! Arrrgggh. So I said f*ck it and just dumped the whole thing. Maybe I'll re-do it next week.

Fancy Schmancy said...

Oops, I think I did it wrong!

I do not like sushi, either. Lucky for me I do not have men beating down my door to take me out for dinner ;)

Anonymous said...

....politics aside..we're like twins..that is why when I found you I stuck around :-)

Las Vegas is NOT mecca for me..I'm more an Aruba kind of gal..

Reality TV..I love SOME of it. American Idol, Big Brother and The Amazing Race..

The rest..I am totally with you..except my cotton underware are usually floral..and I will never ever wear a could you stand that thing in your butt?