Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I've decided that the reason I think Anna is so damn funny is because I have the sense of humor of a 7 year old. This morning as we were waiting in line at the coffee shop, we were laughing hysterically, tears rolling down our cheeks. The girl who opened the window to take our order (our friend and babysitter Melissa) asked what we were laughing at; I just couldn't bring myself to admit that it was because Anna and I thought it was sooooo funny to say, in a mock French accent "Ooooh, I just LOVE how this seat warms my buttocks!!"

Then, on the way to school, she as telling me how she and her friends at school love to chase Josh, her cousin who is a year older than them. Apparently it's become quite the organized effort; poor Josh has had to enlist "guards" to try to protect him from the pack of charging 7 year old girls. Although, she said shaking her head sadly, his guards are quite "weak and senseless."

Seriously, what did I laugh about before I had this child??


Dee said...

What do they do when they catch him? Poor Josh. And to think its his cousin who started it all. You've lived in N. Idaho / Washington too long.

kate said...

I asked that, and apparently they "throw him in their dungeon" aka under the bench of the play structure. And he LOVES it. As long as she's not still chasing him when they're teenagers, it's ok. :)

Imez said...

My question is, when did she get funny? Cuz mine's almost two, and I must say has a poorly developed sense of humor. She laughs at all the wrong places in "The Simpsons."

David said...

No wonder I don't stand a chance!

kate said...

Imez, it starts when they're 3. They develop a riotous sense of humor the exact year that you want to throw them under the nearest train. It's a self-preservation thing. :)

And the fact that you've got her watching the Simpsons at the age of 2? A very good start.