Thursday, September 11, 2008

guess who's coming to dinner

Meet BB:
I FINALLY wore David down. I have wanted a Corgi for sooo long. And because I want one, Anna does too. Well, she's not choosy; depending on the day she wants, "more than anything in the world", a Golden Retriever/Great Dane/Boston Terrier/Rhodesian Ridgeback/Miniature Schnauzer/Giant Schnauzer/Standard Poodle or a Pit Bull (!). In other words, whichever dog is passing through her field of vision at that very moment. But once she seized on the fact that mommy wanted a Corgi, she realized that the odds increased if there were two of us pestering David. Or, as she loves to say "Two against one!!"

Anyway, I've been researching Corgis for awhile and they seem like the PERFECT fit for us. They have a "big dog's personality in a little dog's body", they are wicked smart and very eager to please their people.

Now, Corgi puppies are ADORABLE. Seriously. All puppies are cute, but Corgi puppies are, well, here, look:

I mean, have you EVER? Anyway, as much as Anna and I would love a puppy, puppies are so much work. It would be different if we were home during the day to train him or her. So an adult seemed like the way to go, to get the Corgi experience.
So I did some searching and found BB, up top. She currently lives in Montana and has been a show dog and has had several litters of puppies. So now at the age of 5, BB is ready to "retire": to lay around on the couch, eat, get lots of love and just be a family pet. And that's where we come in. I think she and Moby will get along really well, and Anna and I are so excited!! We get her in 3 weeks. Wahoo!


Robyn said...

Awwww, she's beautiful! I bet she'll be a lot of fun.

Jenna Z said...

Aaaahhhh! BB! Don't be bummed out, responsible breeders like BB's owners do the responsible thing and find warm, loving homes for their dogs to spend the rest of their lives because she deserves more one on one time then they could give her now that she's retired. Be bummed out about the breeders that don't, the commercial breeders and puppy mills that don't bother to find homes for their worn-out, overbred dogs and just put them down. You can rest assured BB was bred only to improve the breed and create lovely, sound, healthy dogs that are loved and cared for. So awesome!! And she's from Shadowalk, excellent kennel! I think I've heard about them because they do rescue.

Dee said...

BB is gorgeous ! awwwww, David , you never had a chance. !
I love her coloring and her long hair. Just by her picture , its easy to fall in love with her. I know your two little girls will enjoy each other and Moby will have to figure just what that critter is.

kate said...

Hi Jenna! I edited the post because you are right: responsible breeders DO have integrity and work hard to improve the breed. Thank you for making that point! It's just that the world of dog-breeding (raising a dog for show and breeding and then finding a new home for it) is completely foreign to me. But obviosly I'm grateful that we get BB, and you can tell by her (other) pictures that she is a happy, well cared for dog.

How did you know we were getting her from Shadowalk??

jpogue said...

Oh my gosh she's so cute! she's probably also very well behaved and will make a GREAT addition to your family!!!

Jenna Z said...

That's just about the only cardigan breeder in Montana that I know of. :) And by just about I do mean the ONLY one.

Andrea said...

CORGIS ARE AMAZING. I freaking LOVE corgi's! I have a friend with 3 of them, and they never leave my sights.

Alec and I were VERY seriously considering getting one.... but we decided that we shouldn't, and got a cat instead.

But OH gosh! I love corgis so much. The gold and white are my favorite, but I do like that coloration too.

Anonymous said...

OOOOO adorable.. Congrats Mama!! She is so lucky to join your family.

FYI.. have you ever seen my email address?
The BB part is cuz that is my nickname. My stepson couldn't say MP when he was litte, it became BB and I've been that for 9 years now :-)

Whosyergurl said...

She is lovely!

I can't believe I didn't open your blog to a post that says: "Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get married!"
I'll be thinking of you!

Another Corgi Mama...
Cheryl in IN.