Thursday, September 4, 2008

::soap box::

I just finished reading Dooce's take on Sarah Palin and she said it so much better than I can. But like Dooce, my family and I had very different interpretations of last night's speech.

As I watched her speak, I could see why people are charmed by her. She is funny and "real". Her delivery is warm and she managed to melt a very tiny piece of my icey-cold pro-choice, tree-hugging, assist-the-poor, gay-rights-supporting heart. She seems like someone who might work at the local bank or who might chair the annual fundraiser at your children's school. I bet she makes a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies. She is approachable and, sure, even likeable.

She's no Hillary, that's for sure. And I mean that both ways: while Hillary is highly educated and has the experience and drive to run this country, Hillary is not exactly warm. Sarah Palin HAS the warmth and the charm to connect to "real" people, especially women. Which is, of course, the precise reason McCain chose her. He did NOT choose her because of her qualifications; it was a desperate attempt to pander to every soccer mom in this country. I beg you not to fall for it; do not drink the Kool Aid.

Please read this article (for my family, this is the one I tried to link to on Lala's blog). As Dooce mentioned when she linked to it, it is a FACT CHECKING article from the Associated Press, NOT the "liberal media".

In other words, every charming word out of Sarah Palin's mouth last night was either an out-right lie or a very poor attempt to brainwash undecided voters. How she and the Republican party can stand up there and say, with a straight face, that this country is in the mess it's in today because of the Democrats is just...laughable. Do they think that the average American is so stupid that we've somehow blocked out JUST WHICH PARTY HAS BEEN "IN CHARGE" FOR THE PAST 8 YEARS?? Seriously? Even if they point at Congress, the Dems have only been the majority there since January. Please don't forget that the reason we, people like you and me and our neighbors and friends and families, have to decide whether to buy groceries or put gas in our cars is because of THEM. The party who has had EVERY OPPORTUNITY to "fix" this country for the past 8 years. If they haven't done it yet (and McCain has supported Bush NINETY PERCENT of the time), why do they deserve 4 more years?

Just how bad does it have to get before every man and woman in this country stands up and says "ENOUGH!!"?


marianne said...

well, i think i just alienated quite a few friends i have had for over 20 years as i just forwarded the article to them. we lasted this long because we have never talked politics. we will see who shows up for girls night next week. (they are devout mormons if that says anything. i am not) but unfortunately i don't care right now. i was never a political person until i married my husband. it's not considered a good family getogether unless his parents and siblings have argued and debated about anything and everything, but what is so great about them is they don't take it personal. anyway. i am so totally insulted that the repubbies think that just because they throw some token white soccer mom at me that i'm going to jump for joy and vote for her. i read on someone's blog today that palin clinched her vote when the blogger watched palin's younger daughter lick her fingers and try to smooth down the baby's hair. she said something totally ingnorant about how palin must have raised her kids to be so thoughtful and what a good person she must me. and heaven forbid anyone say something against poor sarah palin, how dare they pick on her. if biden has to debate her, no matter what he says it will turned against him because he was mean and hard on her. this has turned into one big circus and i am afraid to see what happens in the final act in november. keep commenting, it is good to see that there are people out there that are not blind to the lies. maybe you will be able to change even one person's thinking.

kate said...

Thanks for your comment Marianne! While I believe that McCain almost couldn't have made more inappropriate choice if he tried, I agree with you that no matter what anyone says about her they are going to be labeled as sexist or just mean. Hopefully the media won't tip-toe around, though, because the Republicans are certainly not holding back on the personal attacks.

Sigh. I just want it to be over and for the Obamas to start moving in the the White House.