Monday, September 29, 2008

dog photos

You know how on Friday I was at home, with BB (our new Corgi) and the camera, but the camera cord was at the office? Well now I'm at the office and I just realized I left the camera at home. heh. sorry. LOSER.

So for now I will just have to leave you with this visual:

After BB got settled and had been with us few days, we introduced her to Root Beer, Anna's bunny. Well, BB recently (July) had a litter of pups and apparently she's still got those mama-hormones coursing through her veins, because she licked and licked and licked poor Root Beer until he looked like he'd been dipped in a vat of, well, dog spit. Then, as bunny ventured off Anna's lap, BB would stick her nose under the rabbit and nudge him back into Anna's lap, like she knew he was safe there. Eventually Anna placed both the dog and the rabbit in the big, oval dog-bed, you know, the kind with a rim all around it so that it's sort of a bowl? First, BB rolled over onto her side and offered her still-humongous teats to the bunny, who was not interested in the slightest. He just hopped around and BB watched anxiously, not knowing quite what to do with herself. Finally, she stuck her nose under his butt again and gave him a "wheelbarrow ride" all around the entire rim of the dog-bed, his little front paws going as fast as they could to keep up. I thought both Anna and I were going to pee our pants laughing.

Tomorrow, I promise there will be pictures.


jpogue said...

Oh my gosh what a cute story! Aren't rabbits just awesome at how well they too, fit in with just about any animal! They seem to love having friends.

We better have pictures tomorrow or you're in deep trouble...

Whosyergurl said...

that is a hilarious story. You and Anna have so much fun!

Don't tease us with a lead that says "Dog photos" when there aren't any dog photos!!!

Dee said...

Um, I have those funny things called sticky notes that I write things on that I MUST remember.

Cute visual ! goofy dog, poor rabbit !

Heidi said...

now THAT story calls for... video! :)