Thursday, October 2, 2008

whoa, man

Ok ok ok. Now that I've pissed off 3 of the 4 people who read this blog, let me just say this:

Robyn, the "Free Levi" thing wasn't insulting red-necks. I guess I don't that often point it out, but my entire family is red-neck! My sister's blog is called Hidden Springs Hillbillies because she and her husband (who we lovingly call in Fudd) live in a beautiful, perfect little community full of doctors and lawyers, and her husband does things like going out into their yard in his boxers in the middle of the night to shoot the skunk that has been eating their chickens. He skins his deer and elk right there in the driveway. My brother served moon-shine (I shit you not) out of gas-cans at his WEDDING. So I KNOW people like Levi and the Palins; hell I'm FROM people like the Palins. And that is WHY I can find the humor in it.

Mom, I apologize if my thing about McCain's house insulted you. I just wanted to make the point that the man who refers to Obama as "an elitist" owns nine homes and a private jet. Now, I've said my peace and I'm done.

I just encourage all of you to vote for the person you believe will do the most to turn this country around. 'bout them Red Socks?

Now. Why didn't anyone, and I'm talking to YOU CORGI PEOPLE, why didn't you tell me that Corgis devote their substantial brain-power to FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD FFFFOOOOOODDDDD??!! My best friend from childhood, Kim, grew up to marry a man who came with a dog, Iris. Iris was so food-oriented that she once ate through the nanny's purse to get to a single granola bar. Iris figured out, through trial and error, how to open the trash-compactor. Once, Kim came home to find that Iris had somehow opened the door to the pantry and OPENED SEVERAL CANS OF TUNA WITH HER TEETH and enjoyed the fruits (er, fish) of her labor.

Guess what kind of dog Iris was? Somehow, I'd forgotten this little detail. BB, on her first day with us, discovered the can of fish food and hauled it into the living room before I caught her. She has been seen snorfling up stray bits of bunny food that she finds on the ground. She has grabbed the babysitter's latte cup and tried to run off with it. And yesterday, she found AND OPENED a brand-new bottle of Glucosamine-Chondroiten and ate almost the entire bottle.

I guess the good news is that she won't be experiencing any joint pain for awhile.


jpogue said...

Oh my gosh that's funny! Evidently, she could get really fat if she starts discovering how to climb up on the counter or get into the garbage.

Maggie said...

OK so I've been reading your blog for awhile, but lurking only because I know I'm a random visitor. but am posting now to say you didn't piss me off with your earlier posts, so now you've only pissed off 60% of the people who read your blog instead of 75% ;-)

Also since I'm coming out of the posting closet I have to add that corgies are the cutest dogs ever (even if they are food hounds).

jpogue said...

Hey Maggie, nice to see a new person commenting on my sister's blog! It's always fun to hear from new folks!

kate said...

Hi maggie! Welcome! Glad you came out of the closet. ; )

Robyn said...

Aw, Kate. I still love you. For the record, I didn't think you personally were insulting rednecks - I was irritated that Bill Maher was. I should have been clearer.

Clearly we disagree on many things, but I know there are even more things that we have in common. And I bet if we really sat down and hashed it out and put emotions aside, we might not be that far apart politically. Hell, I imagine that's the case for the majority of the country.

In any case, you make me think. And I like that. And I like you.

Hey, your new dog is alright too. :)

Robyn said...

Ha! No joint pain! That's funny!

Sorry, I only just now completely finished reading the post.

Imez said...

The Queen of England has corgis. And many houses, by the by.

Maggie said...

Thanks for the welcome! I will probably now resume my position in the closet ;-)

Dee said...

Apparently Corgi's have can openers for teeth ! How scary is that !
You missed the point about McCain !
ref: my email to you

kate said...

Imez, I know! She has something like 12 Corgis. Now we call BB "Queen Beatrice" because she believes herself to be the queen of the house. She is very royal. But she has only one home. ;D

Blank Girl said...


For the record, a dissenting opinion does not equal a pissed off opinion. :) I was never mad at you, auntie! And I roll my eyes whenever McCain acts like he's speaking for us regular folks.

Blank Girl said...

Oh, and my best friend from when I was 6 (Eva) had a corgi when we were growing up. I didn't know they came any other way than chubby. But they're cute!

Whosyergurl said...

I have heard that there is nothing more that a corgi loves to do than eat- but, having said that: we hope to keep Chelsea from pigging too much or getting fat. We NEVER feed her table food. She does search for dropped stuff and she does look for dropped cat food or anything she can scavange and find.
But last night I sat w/her in the chair beside me as I ate my pizza and she didn't even notice!
Yay, no joint pain for BB!