Tuesday, October 21, 2008

my last political post (I think)

Imez asked her readers to explain to her WHY we are voting for whichever Presidential candidate we support. She is a Ron Paul supporter but wants to know specifics about how we made our choice for either Obama or McCain. My niece, Heather, posted side-by-side details on how the candidates stack up on some issues that are important to her. Now, I have had fun being snarky about McCain and Palin, but I guess I haven't really been very specific about WHY I am voting for Barack Obama.

So, aside from the fact that I'm a bleeding heart liberal and would no sooner vote for a Republican than I would feed my child to a starving dingo, here are the key points that have led me to believe that Barack Obama is the candidate that best represents ME and my values.

These aren't all the issues I agree with him on, but they are, to me, the most crucial and most decisive.

1. Gay rights: Obama has said he will support civil unions (which will provide committed gay and lesbian couples with the same legal and health benefits of a married couple), he believes that gays and lesbians should have the legal right to adopt children, and he will not approve of any measure of discrimination against gays.

2. Abortion: he will keep it legal and therefore safe. He believes that sex-education is crucial to reducing the number of unnecessary abortions.

3. Health Care: He will work to provide affordable health care for all Americans and believes that insurance companies should work for the patients, not for the pharmaceutical companies.

4. The war. Obama was against the war from the beginning; he wants to get our troops out of there as soon as is safely possible, returning power (and responsibility) to the Iraqi government.

I immensely respect that Barack Obama took his Harvard Law education and, despite being offered HUGE money to work on Wall Street, he returned to the South Side of Chicago to help improve the lives of people who didn't have the opportunities that he did. He has devoted his life and career to helping them get an education and/or job training, to provide social services to assist working mothers, to help people get off welfare and to break the cycle of poverty.

Furthermore, I just feel strongly that Barack Obama is a man of INTEGRITY. He is not willing to compromise his beliefs or values in order to get elected. He is gracious, calm, reasonable, and stays respectful when faced with attacks. That speaks volumes about his character and how he will handle pressure as president.

I'd like to hear which ISSUES have caused you to support your candidate.


Anonymous said...

The last one?
oh no your breakin my hart

Anonymous said...

If Obama wins the election, this country is in BIG TROUBLE!!! We will have to pay higher taxes, capital gains, and he doesn't have enough experience. He may be able to type on a computer, but he can't land a fighter jet.

daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

Many of the things you mentioned ring true for me, too. I also support Obama b/c I think he'll work harder to bring real jobs back to America (and that to me is at the core of the financial crisis) and b/c we don't have time to wait-n-see what will happen or who's to blame with global warming - we need someone to act now.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, he has already compromised his so-called integrity and beliefs.

He has lied about his American-hating pastor from day one. "What? He said what?"

He has lied about his associate, the terrorist/socialist Bill Ayers who he has worked CLOSELY with to indoctrinate innocent school children with socialism.

He purports to "love" America, while he fully intends as President to "knock America down a few notches."

He hides his true Marxist beliefs because he knows an outspoken Marxist cannot be elected.

I'd like my president to put his hand on his heart to OUR flag, and not worry that it might offend [boo hoo] "the nations of Islam." "It's my intention, if elected, to disarm America to the level of acceptance to our Middle East Brethren." WTF??

"My wife disrespects the Flag for many personal reasons. Together she and I have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past."

The few points you list are all points that are up to congress anyway. Hilary is like Jerry Falwell compared to FAR left Obama.

Come on!!!! Do you people have ANY idea who you are voting for? I fear not. And I mean FEAR!