Thursday, October 23, 2008


Well, are you proud of yourselves? Now that you've barred me from writing about politics, I don't have a damn thing to say.

So here, look at this cool picture I took the other day. My commute to and from the Indian reservation on which I work consists of driving through "the Palouse", the rolling hills of N. Idaho where they grow peas and lentils. It is beautiful. One day last week I decided to take one of the many back roads, just to see what there was to see. Turns out, not much. A few old farm houses and this:

I have no idea what the hell it is; it looked almost like an old train car hovering 30 feet off the ground, but I'm assuming it is some sort of grain storage. Any ideas? Anyway, it was this wild lime-green color covered in rust, and the sky was almost black with clouds. Of course, I've manipulated it a wee bit to exaggerate the contrasts, but it turned out pretty cool, no?

In fact, it reminds me of the photos my friend Rod takes. He finds old farm equipment, cars and tractors and photographs them; the rustier the better. Then he manipulates the colors and has them printed on canvas so that they look like paintings. So, so cool. You can see his art work here; look under "photos on canvas". I love the images of flowers too.

Have a great weekend, ya'll.


Dee said...

awwwww, Honey, we're just trying to slowly break you in to life after the election. Then you really have to give up politics and all the assinine promises that can't be kept.

As for the big green thing,-----I think its junk left by Space Aliens. They didn't want it cluttering up their world.

jpogue said...

I love that picture! Isn't it fun to take pics of "things" you find in out of the way places!

Robyn said...

Looks radioactive - I'd stay away, if I were you. Does it make you wonder what's in them there peas and lentils?

(kidding... it's a cool effect.)

Who barred you from talking politics?

Anonymous said...

Ya, who says you can't do politics
I find it very entertainig.

jpogue said...

Your family will allow you ONE blog about politics after the election is over.

kate said...

Elmer, you don't WANT me to talk politics cuz I'll mop the floor with you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Give it 6 mo and then lets see whos mopping the floor!

Blank Girl said...

I feel like I'm watching a WWF lead-in to a fight that no one can possibly win.

Imez said...

You did great with that photo. Does it say "equity" on it? Train car equity?