Thursday, October 30, 2008

One word:


I've owned Subaru's my entire life. My first car, at 16, was a little Subaru Brat that I inherited from my dad (quite possibly the strangest purchase he ever made, because he was a 6 foot tall, pick-up-driving cowboy....but who was I to question?? I LOVED that car). Whenever it was time for a new-to-me car, I always went with a Subaru...4 of them over the years. Oh sure, I strayed briefly and bought a Mitsubishi Montero; I thought it would be bigger and safer for hauling around an 8 pound infant. Turned out to be the most terrifying car I ever owned; it had non-stock wheels on it, which caused to to perform the equivelant of a back-handspring whenever it encountered snow. Such an attractive quality in an SUV when you live in Oregon, right? So I went back to a good ol' trusty Subaru.

But I always longed for something more sexy, more stylish...something European. Subaru's are sort of the equivalent of "sensible shoes", you know?

So last spring, I finally got my sexy European car. And if you've been following this blog, you know how that turned out. The car? Is one gigantic Swedish LEMON.

David and I agreed that it was time to get rid of it; we began doing research and went to the dealer-of-choice the other night. I won't go into the ugly details of how little money we are going to get for the Volvo as a trade-in (let's just say, it ain't that much more than we'd pay for the new transmission)...but, after several days of consideration (and wondering if there was any way I could manage to get into a wreck and total that damn car without it being my fault) we just bit the bullet (well, David did) and we bought new car. Well, not new, but new-to-me and only a year old and most importantly: it's a SUBARU.

No, I did not quick drive down to Southern Utah to take this photo, but this is the color: Willow Green Opal Moss Metallic (how many names can they come up with for GREEN? They forgot "Olive"). I don't actually get mine until Saturday. I didn't think I would ever be this ecstatic to drive a Subaru again, but I am. Oh, I am sooo excited.
And from now on, whenever I drive by some SUCKER driving a Volvo Cross-Country, I am going to point and laugh, hysterically. And then me and my sensible little Subaru will plow right on by.


Dee said...

HURRAAAAAAAAAY ! That is so fantastic. I'm glad that you are going with a reliable Subaru and a beautiful one at that. Only a year old, very good. Excellant ! You'll feel safer all year and it should last a lonnnnnng time.
Good for both you and David.

jpogue said...

Yea, it's hard to owe more on a car than what it's worth, but best to bite the bullet now rather than later after you've sunk a bunch more money into it.

Go Subaru girl!

Fancy Schmancy said...

I forgot how awesome Subarus are. My mother used to swear by them. Good for you! I hope you feel really safe in yours.

Robyn said...

The very first car I drove was my parents Subaru wagon - we had it forever. Then I had a Forester that I LOVED, until it died a sudden and premature death. At three years old, I was told it would need a NEW ENGINE AND THEN MY HEAD EXPLODED.

Fortunately, the dealer did the right thing and bought it back from me. I don't blame Subaru - it was clearly a lemon. Still, I'm not sure I could get another one now. It's just how it goes, ya know?

Anyhow, your car will be totally awesome, and this story had no point whatsoever, and congrats!! I LOVE NEW CARS!!

Heidi said...

oooh, i have been eyeing the subaru wagons ever since we moved to new england (it's a rule, i think, that you are supposed to drive one, if you live here?) but we have a trusty (knockonwood) old civic, so no subaru for me. but yay for you! i hope it's whatever the opposite of lemon is!