Monday, October 20, 2008

All the plumbers in the house, pull your pants up!

The fact that Sarah Palin went on Saturday Night Live and was a great sport about them skewering her? It made my cold, black heart melt just a tiny bit.

Can I get a "woot woot" from the senior section?


Fancy Schmancy said...

Yeah, I felt the same way. She handled herself very well. Unfortunately, this is going to make her approval ratings go up. Which makes me sad. But didn't stop me from laughing like a maniac while it was happening.

Robyn said...

I loved this. It was the first time I'd laughed at SNL in a long time (ok, also the Hall and Oates thing). For me, it wasn't that they were skewering Palin - it was that they were finally FUNNY.

And I was pleased she didn't make an ass of herself. I don't like all of her politics, but I don't enjoy seeing people squirm.

jpogue said...

She's definately interesting. She was great on the show.

Imez said...

See I thought the whole thing was painfully awkward. I mean, doesn't she know what these people have said about her? Why was she there?

Maybe just to melt black cold hearts.

Robyn said...

See, Imez, that's one of the things I liked about it. (Other than it was, you know, finally funny... but I think I covered that.)

Again, not a Palin lover... but of course she knows what they've been saying about her. And I loved that she walked in there with her head up and let them say it to her. It made me say, "Go, girl." And I never say, "Go, girl", so that part kinda sucked.

But the funny made up for it.

Dee said...

" WOOT WOOT " YOU GO GIRL ! Like a petunia in an onion patch,


So there, I said it and I'm glad and I'm proud of her and the flag and America. !

kate said...

That's my mom, WOOT WOOTING from the senior section! :) Hi mom!!

Robyn, that's exactly it: of course she knows what they've been saying about her and that's why it took gonads to go on the show and be able to laugh at herself. I thought that was pretty damn brave and showed some character.

And yes, finally SNL is funny again. Woot Woot!

jill said...

I LOVE your blog....just found it through Imez. I'll be a regular. I have to add my two cents on this topic too...I think she did kinda make an ass out of herself. She arm danced while Amy P completely skewered her. That rap was NOT pro-Palin. But I laughed till I cried. Okay, my question; Brave or Ignorant?

farmgirlinnewmex said...

very funny, definitely brave, but still can't stand her!