Friday, November 30, 2007

yeah, because i need another hobby

As I may have mentioned, I seriously LOVE making paper snowflakes. Every night this week I've come home, poured a glass of wine, and sat down with my paper and little scissors. I've got to get my freak on while it's still snow-flake season, ya know?

And then I discovered this: it's called scherenschnitte, the old German tradition of paper-cutting! You take some paper, an exacto knife and you start cutting!! Holy mother-of-crocheted-kleenex-box-covers! Where has this BEEN all my life?

Really. What would I DO with all of my scherenschitte??

Well, let's see...there are birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day....Arbor Day...Water Potato Day....


Dee said...

Your scheren----what ? I hope it goes better than your sewing !!!!!!
I don't have any hobbies, they are more frustrating than relaxing, and I have bowling as my prime frustation in my life. Used to be golf. I guess reading is my relaxation.
I LOVED Rod's music. Thanks for that and is pictures. Most of them were beautiful, a few confused me. He's so diverse in his artwork !!!!!!!!!

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

Holy Schnitt! That looks like a lot of work!

Love the book on traumatizing kids! But frankly, I don't need it. I seem to be doing fine on my own. That whole site is great! How fun would that be to give as cmas presents??? ha, ha, ha!!!!