Monday, November 26, 2007

HATES to have her picture taken

unless, of course, you don't WANT her in the picture. Then, good luck getting her out of it.

We have an annual tradition of making paper snowflakes, which we then hang from the ceiling or windows. David humored us and made one. Anna made two (and spent the rest of the time making something she calls "Sodwahs" which, apparently in other countries, fend off bad spirits. But only when hung about the house in groups of threes. I swear she comes from another planet.) Since my assistants are so LAME, I'm going to have to make a whole bunch more this week. But I don't mind: I swear it's addictive. I love it. I'm particularly proud of the "toadstool and hearts" snowflake.

We had a lovely holiday weekend, although our trip to Boise was too short and the drive too long. Next time, we'll fly.

But then, of course, we'll have to cut back on the number of animals we bring. Here's the "peace train", waiting patiently in Grandma's entry-way to be put in the car for the long drive home.


Dee said...

Your snowflakes are beautiful ! Especially the toadstool and hearts . I had to search for it and its great !
It was funny the way Anna lined up her animals waiting to be stuffed in the car. Strange child you have there !

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

Those are paper???? Geez, when I make paper snowflakes, they look like, well, something a 5 year old did. OK, when I'm in spokane, you have to teach me how to make snowflakes.

kate said...

Ok, Lala, but I'm warning you: once you start, you can't stop. It seriously is addictive.

So that's next week! Is Andrea going to come too? She can stay at our house if she does.