Wednesday, November 7, 2007

This is like winning the lottery in my world

See that? Do you know what that is? Do you?! That, my friends, is a DINING ROOM TABLE. The last time I saw it was approximately 10 months ago, the day we set it up. Very shortly after that, it was fully covered with computer equipment, tennis gear and EVERY. SINGLE. RECEIPT that David has ever been handed. That's right, if you want to know what David ate for lunch on, say, June 6th, 2007, I CAN TELL YOU because we have the receipt from Subway to prove it.

Anway, with the completion of the upstairs bedrooms, David was able to set up his office in Anna's old room and now the computer, the tennis gear and all 12,463 pieces of paper are in his Man Room. So it won't be quite as convenient if, say, I suddenly need to know what we paid for that box of screws at Lowe's last February, but I'd say it's worth it. Because we, we can now use our dining room table for it's intended purpose. I get all verclempt just thinking about it. Anna decided to commemorate the occassion with a lovely fruit arrangement.


jpogue said...

Ok, so your table must look like mine. Here's a thought for blogging. I actually thought about this several months ago and just haven't done it. I think we ought to take ONE spot in our homes - just some little area. Take a picture of it after we've removed all the crap that we didn't put there but seems to appear every day. Then, every day, take a new picture of that EXACT spot, but don't clean it. See how big the pile gets of crap that doesn't belong there before everybody realizes that you're no longer picking up there stuff and putting it where it goes. For instance, I have one area - make that two - where Ival leaves his dirty socks EVERY DAY (and Adam does the same thing in a different spot) even though the laundry is just about 15 steps away. I also find garbage piled on top of the island, even though all they have to do is open the friggin' drawer just 5 inches below where they laid the garbage to get it where it belongs. So what do you think of that????

kate said...

Well, it's a good idea. Except that I'm never going to let our table get like that ever again. It was only cuz David didn't have an office, so the table WAS his office.

But I do know what you mean....the end of our kitchen counter gets all the mail, Anna's artwork, keys, sunglasses, miscellaneous post-it notes, the grocery list and a few other odds and ends. Now that we have the house almost finished, I'm really going to rule with an iron thumb...everything must have a "home". I even bought a cork-board for the notes and lists.

We'll see how long that lasts...

kate said...

And oh yeah!! What is UP with male-type humans not being able to put things IN the trash can or laundry basket?? They figure "near" is good enough. AAaarrrgghhh.

Hey! I know! What if you put their dinner plate about 15 feet away from them every single night??

Oh wait. We don't cook.


Linda, aka "Lala" said...

Ah, Kate, quicherbitchin! At least it's 12,000 pieces of paper he keeps. When he starts collecting 12,000 dining room tables, (like - oh, say - Bob!) then you have something to worry about!

As for that spot in the house where everything collects, lets see, there's the bench and the dresser in the entry way, the kitchen island, the dining room table, the kitchen counter by the sink, the counter by the fridge... and then there's the garage... I don't even go IN there!!!

I love Bob and Katie
I love Bob and Katie
I love Bob and Katie
I love Bob and Katie
I love Bob and Katie

kate said...

No body's going to comment on that phallic fruit bowl, huh? I laugh every time I walk by it.

Dee said...

I think we were being polite. Can you even believe this bunch , being that polite. Didn't want to hurt your feelings.
I want to know what "verclempt" means. If you're going to start using Yiddish words, you'll have to be our dictionary.
LOVE the table, the color etc.
And Lala, forget me coming to visit. I'd get lost in all the clutter, never to be heard from again. How can you tolerate it. You must REALLY love Bob.

jpogue said...

Verclempt? Fallic?


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