Monday, December 3, 2007

holy craft!

It was a very productive weekend in my little sweatshop. I completed one heat-therapy bag (filled with rice and some essential oil). It's for Anna's teacher for Christmas; note the fabric with numbers! Teacher, numbers, get it? ahem...

And also FIVE pair of pajama sets for some special little girls: Skylar, Piper, Grace and Anna. This whole idea started when I found some incredibly soft flannel covered in unicorns. Grace LOVES unicorns, so I thought "Hey, I'll make some pajamas for her for Christmas." Then I decided to do some for Anna, and then for Piper and Skylar, in celebration of the fact that we're neighbors now. (Not to mention that they moved from LA, where you don't really get to do the flannel thing....). So I stocked up on flannel and plain long-sleeved t-shirts and went to town. But of all the patterns I bought, only the unicorn one had a direction. Did I pay attention to that fact when cutting out the pattern? No, I did not. Upside-down unicorns. Luckily I had JUST enough to cut out another set....unfortunately I attempted to do so while on the phone with my mom and managed to &%#$ that one up too. GGRRRRRRR. So I went to JoAnn's, praying to jeebus that they still had the unicorn flannel. Do you think they did? OF COURSE NOT. I did find some rainbow flannel, and really, what goes together like unicorns and rainbows, huh? So the idea that started this entire project ended up severely compromised; Grace has rainbow bottoms and two unicorns on her shirt. Oh well. They all turned out very cute. I love the print on Piper's: it's light blue with little lambs dangling from balloons amongst the clouds.

On one of the pair for Anna I did a horse applique.

Time to draw, cut out and apply horse applique: 5 minutes. Time to hand-stitch that cute little detail outlining the horse: an hour and a half...and the loss of my eye sight.


jpogue said...


You're not a BELIEVER! Are you surprised that when you prayed to sweet Jebus that there would be more unicorn flannel left that he would listen? I think not! Maybe you ought to rethink this whole aethiest thing - huh???????

kate said...

Oh no, I'm fairly certain that when I walked through the doors, there WAS more unicorn flannel, but then JEBUS thought it would be funny to *POOF* make it disappear.

He loves to do shit er, I mean stuff like that. Such a jokster.

You crack me up.

Dee said...

Well, the jammies are soooo cute and the girls will love them ! Grace will think the unicorns and rainbows belong together . She's a smart cookie and will think that's just swell that Aunt Kate made them !
Yeah, Jebus and Gob both have a silly sense of humor. They get me all the time.