Friday, November 9, 2007

can someone please tell me


Seriously, what the fuck? If there was a God, why would he/she not create us so that when gray hair came in, it was soft and shiney and lovely?? Huh? Answer me THAT, people.

I'm not bitter.


Jenna Z said...

HAAAAA! Tell me about it! Pluck and pluck and pluck but there are still those crazy, zigzag, lighting bolts throughout my dark brown mane.

Dee said...

There is a God and he has a HUGE sense of humor !!!!!!!!!

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

I don't think it's a sense of humor, I think it's MEAN. At a time in our lives when we need the MOST confidence possible, (because everything else is going to shit,) Jebus decides to put pubic hair on our head.

Honest to Gosh, my BIGGEST fear of cancer is loosing my hair, and having is ALL come back like that. I think I could survive chemo, radiation, being bald, etc,... but I couldnt survive a full head of gray pubic hair! I couldn't.

jpogue said...

Hey! After chemo your hair comes in gray - but it's as soft as a baby's butt.

Ok, if we're gonna talk about Jebus and Gob again here's what I think.

Kate, start sayin' the Pledge of Allegence WITH YOUR HAND ON YOUR FRIGGIN' HEART (show some friggin' respect for the Bunited States of Bamerica for Gob sakes) and those gray hairs will come in soft and shiny. Simple as that.

kate said...

Oh jebus, Jodi, you're killing me!!! That is too damn funny. You sound like Buckwheat!!!

MP said...

fu*k..that is the best post ever..