Wednesday, November 28, 2007

instruction manual

In case you run out of ideas, you might need this. From the "self-hurt series"! *snort!*

This site has some truly hilarious things.

Like this.

and this.

and this.

and my favorite: this.

These could just save you so much time having to communicate.


Dee said...

Those are invaluable ! Almost makes me wish I were married so I could post the last -----"pissed"-- list. When I argue with someone I can never think of anything nasty enough till hours or a day later !!!!!!!!!

jpogue said...

Oh dear Gob - I'm afraid I'd be on everybody's shit list and would DEFINATELY be gettin' some of those fashion citations...

kate said...

Well mom, you could always use those on ALL YOUR EX-BOYFRIENDS. :) Although I didn't notice if it included "whistles through your nose", "talks to television" or "sucks teeth after eating".

Dee said...

OK, so we'll add those 3, and all the rest on the list apply. HMMMM, at the time I thought I was with someone normal------. So, do all those faults make someone normal???????????? Good thing we're all perfect, though it does make it hard to tolerate those other kinds. And, "Oh lord its hard to be humble !"