Wednesday, September 5, 2007

waiting for Ra Ra

First we waited in the house. Then we waited on the porch. Then, once I told her what direction they'd be coming from, she hauled a chair out onto the sidewalk so she'd "be sure to see them coming." It's not as if she was excited, or anything. Unfortunately, it started to rain, so she wasn't out there when they arrived.

As expected, we had a wonderful visit with our dear friends. There was dining and wine on the front porch by candle-light, due to a thunderstorm that rolled through and knocked out our power for 4 hours. There were impromtu jam sessions (Anna and Rod on drums, David on cowbell) there was a lovely day spent on the beach, swimming and sailing a small catamaran, there was dinner at Eric's house, there was playing horsie with Ra Ra, and there was MUCH hand-holding and snuggling.

Here is Anna on my bike, in front of Eric's mutant corn. It just grew, and grew and grew until it's at least 20 feet tall...but has NO ears on it. He found out he planted the wrong kind of corn!

Sunday morning we all hung out in Eric's amazing garden, picking cherry tomatoes, Heirloom tomatoes, onions, marigolds and herbs. Then we loaded up Anna's wagon and she had a "vegetable sale", hauling her wagon around the neighborhood. It was adorable. Photos coming soon (I didn't have my camera and Julie still uses FILM.)

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