Tuesday, September 18, 2007


...came into our lives as a 48 year old man who had never had children, didn't think he'd be a good parent. And yet he is the most tolerant, loving, supportive and gentle man. She lights up around him.

...believes it is part of his "job" to help Bug grow up knowing she is capable of anything and everything.

...says, when it's taken too long to get Bug to bed because she cried for me to stay until she fell asleep, "You must be exhausted. Let me rub your shoulders."

...says, when I tell him how grateful I am that he doesn't ever make me feel like I have to choose, "You DO have to make a choice, and it should be your daughter first, every time."

...welcomes my ex into our home and offers him a beer. He wants us all to be a family, and we are, because of him.

...grew up in a large east-coast city in a family of wealthy, highly educated liberals and yet he is perfectly at home in a hut in the Alaskan tundra, eating fresh seal meat with a native family.

...is respectful and does not judge anyone, even when someone believes something completely unfathomable to him.

...is the most mature, fair-minded person I've ever known. When I am struggling with something (or some one) he will listen to me vent and then gently steer me toward a more loving and reasonable response.

...loves me despite my love of sappy romantic comedies and attraction to all things retro. :)

...speaks Russian and is an opera buff...who also loves Cracker, the Replacements and X.

...wants to make the world a better place.

...is halarious and witty and smart...my very own "witty, intellectual Jew". Who needs Ira?

...is the love of my life.

Edited to add: The subject of this post would like it noted that while he enjoyed the company, he did NOT enjoy the seal meat.


Amber said...

Kate---Every part of that list speaks a thousand words to me... In fact, I should just copy it and give it to my husband in explanation. I am glad you found "he" and it makes me smile that you are so grateful for him, too. What a gift...

jpogue said...

Can I have him?????

kate said...

Hell no! He's MINE, all mine. : )

Anonymous said...

I too love him and am very proud of him!!!!!!