Thursday, September 27, 2007


:: crisp air and the palpable smell of change on the way

:: flocks of geese honking overhead

:: putting summer clothes away and bringing out pants, socks, boots and sweaters

:: the surprising sound of the heater coming on for the first time in months

:: evenings reading in front of the fireplace in flannel pajamas

:: digging out my yarn and knitting and re-discovering the comforting sound of clicking needles

:: reds, oranges, rusts and yellows

:: treasure hunts through the park, looking for pinecones and acorns for autumn displays

:: down comforters and flannel sheets

:: Saturday afternoon walks amidst falling leaves

:: mowing the lawn for the last time of the season

:: fresh apple cider, bought from an orchard at Greenbluff

:: pumpkins, apples, gourdes, cornstalks

:: coats (coveting the one below...)


jpogue said...

Covet the coat on your blog and David will buy it for you! However, you may need to mention the store where it can be purchased or the website it can be found on. I love that coat too! It's definately you! David? Are you listening?

kate said...

Nope, I'm gonna have to just covet this one. It's $350. Wish I had the skills to sew something like that....It IS gorgeous, isn't it?

jpogue said...


Dee said...

OK, you've left us hanging here ! Did you confront Grumpy #2 ? If so, how, when and ------- results?

Dee said...

That is a darling coat !!!!!! I love that you are in to color !!!! now ! Once a LONG time ago I bot you a red belt, never to be seen again. Like an elephant, I never forget. wellllll, yeah, I can hardly remember my name and sometimes where the bathroom is.

Anonymous said...