Friday, January 22, 2010


The sweatshop will be in full swing this weekend; I am determined to get my little etsy shop up and running within the next week or two! Remember at the beginning of the year when I said 2010 was going to be the year I try to sell my goods on etsy? And here it is, January 20th, and I have my shop all set up, have made several sets of pajamas, am going to get a business license and re-sellers' license next week (hellooooo buying fabric at wholesale!!). It's a frickin miracle people!!! I am well on my way to doing something I said I was going to do! I know. Alert the media!!

While I have set up my shop (written up my profile and shop policies, payment and shipping info. etc.), I haven't "activated" it yet. I want to get more inventory made before I go "live". I made another pair yesterday and can't wait to turn out several more this weekend. Woohoo!

Here's a sneak preview; forgive the hokie back-of-the-closet-door display and flash photography. After taking these pictures I realized two things: 1) natural light is crucial for taking the best photos and 2) that I need to break down and buy a standing dress form so that that clothes will hang appropriately. I bought one off ebay; should arrive early next week.

Happy weekend!


Dee said...

CUTE ! I'm proud of you doing what you proposed. Its way more involved that I realized----even licenses ! I love those jammies !

JACKI said...

YAY! Let us know when you go live! We can all give a 'shout out' to you on our blogs. You should see if you can do any giveaways on some of the high traffic blogs as well. I think they do pretty well. :o}

JACKI said...

^ I know she does a lot of giveaways!

kate said...

Thanks Gacki! I'll check it out.

tallulah said...

How fabulous are those? I can't wait to see you up there because in the next few weeks I will be up as well on Etsy. (tallulah's soaps)

You are so talented. You can do incredible things!

Ariadne said...

:) SO SO SO SO SO SO CUTE! So excited for you and please let me know if there is anyyyyyything I can do to help! :)


These are freaking adorable!

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