Monday, January 11, 2010

::random photos::

Holy crap, I just downloaded photos from my camera and realized I still had pictures from Christmas on there.

This year, as we unpacked the Christmas paraphernalia, Anna noticed for the first time that all three of our stockings are exactly alike. They are cute stockings, but it's true: they are not personalized in any way. BAAAAD mommy. She said "How do we know which one is mine? I need one with my name on it or something!" So of course I had to get busy making her her own stocking, out of wool felt. Think there will be any question, in the future, who's stocking this is?

My ex hubby came over for a bit on Christmas morning; the three of them got quite a kick out of her new Far Side book, although the daddies probably enjoyed it more than she did.

I discovered this new wonderful little fabric store in town, Buttercuppity. The owner, Ari, is adorable and she shares my love/obsession for fabric. I talked her into making an apron for Anna a week before Christmas (because I was running out of time) and it turned out SO cute! I got Anna a kids' cookbook for Christmas, along with this apron, and she went right into the kitchen and made a batch of blueberry muffins from scratch, on Christmas morning:
Is that not the cutest thing ever?

And look! She made one for me, as an extra surprise! I LOVE it!! Ari is going to be my new best friend, whether she likes it or not.

Christina and the girls, making Christmas cookies:
This man didn't have children because he didn't think he'd be a good father. And then we came along. Christina's girls love him pretty much more than puppies and ice cream.
I don't know what Anna is doing. Probably yelling "I WANT A HORSE!!!" in his general direction.

He is always such a good sport.
Sister-friends. Anna tells people that Piper and Skylar are "pretty much my sisters", which is true, only better: these little sisters come over, play, and then go home. That part works especially well for me. Piper is naked, as usual. She is, after all, her mother's daughter. (hee! LOVE you, Christina!) I have many pictures of the three of them in various stages of nudity, dancing in the living room. I opted against posting them for obvious reasons, but these girls are free spririts. I don't know where they get it!
Friends: Early morning on the stairs, watching me make coffee. I love this silly corgi, even if she is a bed-hog.

And finally, new pajamas for Piper and Skylar. I'd made them some two years ago, and poor Skylar still insists on wearing those, even though they are, of course, at least two sizes too small now. So it was time for some new ones. I love making these so much, finding just the right fabrics and embellishing them. This year I am going to make some of these to sell on etsy. What kiddo wouldn't love personalized pajamas?
And that's all I got for now. Carry on.


Dee said...

What wonderful pictures-----looks like a perfect Christmas ! So cute of you and the girls ---the MOMMIES ----and isn't that David just the greatest ! Let's keep 'im !

robyn said...

Um - MY kids would love personalized jammies! put some up on Etsy so I can snatch 'em up!

Jodi said...

Poor David. And poor Ari.

Adorable pictures!

Hey, I've been trying to find a Far Side cartoon to use as my portrait for Fb and my blog. Could you find a funny wildlife one in that book and scan it at work and send it to me? I used to save them when I worked at Fish and Game but I must have thrown them away some time ago.

kate said...

Robyn, dahling, I'd be thrilled if you were my first paying customer! Just tell me their sizes, names (for initials on the shirt) and what colors they like and I can make some! Let's tawk on FB. :)

Jod, I'll find JUST the right one for ya.

Jodi said...

Oh Gawd, I'm sure you will...

Ariadne said...

I like! I LOVE! And yes! Let's be best friends, because I really don't know of two other people who could have so much fun making BUTTONHOLES. For serious.