Thursday, January 21, 2010

::smashed grannies::

It has been a colossally shitty week at casa sweetpotato. Well, not colossal compared to, say, Haiti, but we've been experiencing Hurricane Anna all week and let me tell you, I'm feeling completely battered and bruised and have been picking splinters out of my forehead.

The drama and emotions around our house have left me on the verge of tears; perhaps that is why, when I saw this picture on a local-news blog, I burst into laughter.

What?! Nobody was hurt.

Yes, I'm going to hell. But you know, at this point I really don't care, as long as there's wine.


Dee said...

That's a scary looking picture. But those sweet ladies look so placid.
Sorry your week has been so crappy. That doesn't sound good. Give her about 10 years and she'll be a different person-----if she lives that long.

kate said...

Well, I'm not sure EITHER of us are going to survive 10 more years. I keep waiting for her to outgrow her drama-queen phase but I swear to god it just gets worse and worse. I can just hardly wait for puberty!

Dee said...

At puberty----military school, or a convent.

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