Monday, January 25, 2010

I need your opinion

Ok, so as you know, I am starting a little business making children's pajama sets. At least for now that is all I'll make. I do see myself, in the very near future, adding little dresses and some handbags. Why? Because those are the things I like to sew, and if I don't like what I'm sewing, I won't sew.

So. I need name. Currently I am Canyonwren Handmade, because, well, when you join etsy, you choose a username and that is, forevermore, the name you are stuck with. Canyon Wren is meaningful to me because I am a bird nerd, and the Canyon Wren is my favorite bird. What the hell does that have to do with children's clothes? Nothing. But because I haven't listed anything yet, it is not too late to start another account with a new name.

So, other options I am considering are (and these are available; that's the rub, many of the other names I came up with - such as Sweet Potato Pie - are already taken):

Mairsy Doats: this is from the song my mom taught me when I was little, you know "Mairsy doats and dosey doats and little lamsie divy, a kiddlie divy too, wouldn't you?" Ahem.

Smarty Pants Handmade: I just like it, and I have been known to call people "smarty pants".

Do Re Mi: because I am, above all else, a Sound of Music fanatic. This one, of course, has a special place in my heart.

Favorite Things: see above. I don't think I'm feeling this one so much though.

Spotted Frog: I think it's cute and I could make a very cute logo, but David says it sounds like a disease.

David votes for Canyon Wren because he hates "cutesie" names, and while I definitely lean toward more kitch than he does, I don't do cutsie either. He says that Canyon Wren is "tasteful and elegant and not overly cute." But my friend Christina practically shrieked at me and said "Canyon Wren?! That has nothing to do with anything! Especially hand made clothing for children! It's not fun! It's not playful! YOU SUCK!" Ok, she didn't say that last part but I know she was thinking it.

Again, keep in mind that while I will do mostly kids' clothes (if I ever do branch out to women's clothes, it would be only skirts) and the occasional handbag. So I guess I'd like something somewhat whimsical and/or playful because that is what I'll be doing, and also, that's pretty representative of me.

So, please cast your vote, and soon, so that I can get some labels ordered and get going!!


Jodi said...

I love Mairsey Doats. I also noticed one of the blogs you read - angry chicken. I suppose David would like that - angry chicken. I also like smarty pants. Don't listen to David - he's a man - men know nothing about this stuff.

(sorry David)

kate said...

Yeah, that's pretty much what I decided, not to listen to David. :)

David said...

I wonder if the name Mairsey Doats is copyright protected since it's the name of a song? But what do I know, I'm a man.

kate said...

I'm actually leaning toward Do Re Mi. Here's what the Etsy Seller Handbook says about choosing a name:

•Last but not least, your shop name should reflect your style in one way or another. If you choose a really elegant name, it would make sense to have elegant items in your shop. If you choose a quirky or clever name, it would make sense that your products reflect that style.

Sheri said...

I like either Do Re Mi or Spotted Frog. The later being my favorite. It's fun, fanciful and kids will love it! It would also be just fine for womans skirts and hand bags. The lable for Spotted Frog could be adorable too!

kate said...

Yay! thanks for your vote, Sheri!

Ariadne said...

Alright. I love Mairsy Doats and Spotted Frog (hahahah, when I wrote that I first type Spitted Frog). However, my vote is for Spotted Frog. It's whimsical, it's cute, and when people are googleing your brand (and they will... think big, Miss Kate) they won't be able to spell Mairsy Doats. There are too many ways to spell it. Spotted Frog, though? Simple. Fun. Easy to spell. PERFECT. :) That's my vote!

Dee said...

I like your choices, very imaginative. I like Do Re Mi Handmade------its kind of a play on words like the words My Bad. Mi Homemade. But that's a stretch.
Spotted Frog is cute and as some of you have said, the logo and advertising frogs would be clever, active, playful and eye catching, especially to children. So much can be done with that !

JACKI said...

I vote for 'Do Re Mi'! I can kinda already picture the cute whimsy logo for it too!

JACKI said...

ok... I kinda had some fun! LOL! It won't hurt my feelers if you don't like... seriously!

Anonymous said...

here's one for the thought...

La Ti Sew

Do Re Sew

sew di spodi

sew me oh

sew ti do

Jodi said...

Jacki, I love that logo! That is SOOOOOOOOOOO Kate!

kate said...

Oh my god, Jacki! That's awesome!! My stupid blog doesn't tell me when anyone OTHER than myself comments. Yeah, that's helpful. Anyway, I love that! I had pretty much settled on Do Re Mi too. Ya'll KNOW how I love to ask for you opinions and then do it my way anyway! :) Woohoo! Here we goooo!