Wednesday, January 27, 2010

::Do Re Mi::

Ok, I'd sort of already decided on the name before I asked your opinions. I know, shocking, right? And so it is: Do Re Mi Handmade. Here is the link to my little etsy store which is not, obviously, up and running yet. Still sewing sewing sewing and dreaming about getting a serger which would make the sewing of clothing so much easier.

So tell me what you think of the banner I created. I made it before I saw the cute one my awesome and talented niece made. Hers is darn cute too.

The other thing I have to tell you is that, if I haven't mentioned it lately, I HAVE THE BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD. I do. Do you know what he did? He gave up his office/man room for me to use as my sewing room! I know! The space formerly-known-as-my-sewing-cave is a little space under the eves of the roof, with a skylight but roughly 4' by 6'. Put a desk/sewing table in there and all my sewing supplies, a bookshelf and bin upon bin of fabric, and, well, it was cramped. So now I have a room, a WHOLE ROOM and a big table on which to sew and a closet!!! I have the space to stage an entire dance number, and don't think I'm not planning on doing just that. And now David is using that little space under the eves, but because he is 6'5", he has to tilt his head at a 45 degree angle in order to get to his desk. It's probably only a matter of time before the muscles on the right side of his neck shorten permanently and he'll have to go through life looking as if he's cocking his head. It will be so cute and he'll look all inquisitive, like a puppy.

I'm telling you, if he's not careful, he's going to be stuck with me for life.

So I'm excited about this little endeavor. Who knows, I may not sell anything and then I'll have to give away all these pajamas like too many squash. But I'm having fun and for now it's keeping me from drinking out of a paper bag in public, yelling obscenities at passersby and warning them about the hazards of procreation. And that's really all we can hope for, isn't it?


Jodi said...

Do you really think any of us thought we had a smidge of input on this? Really?

Love the name and the banner. Sell your ass off!

Anonymous said...

Hey there. I'm absolutely loving your blog, I just stumbled across it. I will definitely be following!

Feel free to check out mine, I think you'd especially love it.

tallulah said...

You are so talented! Love the banner.

Dee said...

I LOVE your banner. The cloth look is spectacular and makes one eager to look at the goodies !
Atta Girl !

Sell, sell, sell, and others------buy, buy, buy !

JACKI said...

super cute! Now git ta sewin!!!

Linda said...

Isn't sewing fun! I've loved it for years! Very cool. And I really liked Andreas banner too. Very vintage looking.

Go sister go!

kate said...

Lala, that was Gacki that made the other banner! :)