Tuesday, January 20, 2009

::wonderful day::

*I am so grateful that I work for an Indian Tribe so that I got to watch the Inauguration LIVE!

*I am so PROUD that Dr. Martin Luther King's words about "judging a person not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character" came true today.

*I am proud that we elected a leader who is smart, articulate, capable and, I believe, genuinely wants what is best for ALL Americans, not just the wealthy, white ex-frat-boys.

*I loved seeing people of all colors on that stage today.

*I love that he flubbed his lines during his oath of office.
*I was stunned and pleasantly surprised that Obama acknowledged that we are a nation of Christian, Muslims, Jews, Hindus....and non-believers!
*I believe that, while President Obama has a huge mountain to climb to "fix" things in this country, he is going to work toward making this country what we all hope it can be.
*I LOVED just seeing images of "W" boarding a helicopter to take him back to Texas where he belongs. I am thankful that I never have to hear that man speak again.

*I believe that this country will never be the same after today. In a very good way.

*I am excited that for the first time in my life, we have a leader that I believe in.

It's a glorious, beautiful, hopeful day.


Linda, aka "Lala" said...

Yea baby!

P.S. I noticed his hand on his heart as he sang the National Anthem.
Mom? Did you notice that? :o)

JACKI said...

AMEN. AMEN. AMEN. I was overwhelmed with pride this morning as I watched all of the coverage.

I am also excited to be 'apart' of history! As kids, we always read in textbooks about african american's going to school for the first time, or voting, or not having to sit at the back of the bus. Today we saw an african american take oath!

Today will be a day, like 9/11, that I will always remember where I was & what I was doing.


Jodi said...

It was a good day!

Dee said...

I didn't see any part of the inaugeration----I was doing something very important---bowling.

Laura said...

I heard on NPR that it was Chief Justice Roberst who erred, not the President (doesn't that sound AMAZING?!). Figures--I was a little surprised that Mr.Coolness and Poise would flub his oath of office.

kate said...

Laura, that's what I read too. They have the transcript on cnn I think it is...Justice Roberts was trying to work without notes and he got it wrong; Obama knew how it was supposed to go and it threw him off.

I'm just glad to know that they're all human. :)

Maggie said...

I was so happy to work someplace where I could watch it too and so inspired. Mostly I'm just so glad I can hope again. It's been a long time ...

daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

me too, me too, me too, me too (shall I go on?)

Good luck with your marathon training!!

Heidi said...

me, too. me, too. me, too.

Imez said...

I'm happy for you, Girly. I sincerely hope it all comes to pass like you say it will.

Fancy Schmancy said...

Amen, my sister. Or in your case I should probably just say, Yay, my sister.

Whatever, we all are one, and finally we have a President who believes so!

Whoo Hoo!

Now let's roll up our sleeves and get down to business.

Loved this post!

Anonymous said...

I got misty-eyed watching the inauguration and feel *almost* the same way you do. As an Austinite, we do not want W back in Texas. We would prefer he go someplace more fitting, The Hague, for instance. Not all Texans love W.