Thursday, January 15, 2009

Marathon training is going FINE, thanks for asking

I just HHAAAAAAD to go open my big mouth and invite my friend Laura to run the Portland Marathon with me. Ironically, the very same weekend (and unbeknown st to either of us) that I decided to do Portland, she decided to do one in Las Vegas. We are both marathon virgins. So I talked her into running together. She agreed, and NOW SHE IS TRYING TO KILL ME BY ACTUALLY MAKING ME RUN. And LIFT WEIGHTS!!!

After several days of hurting in places I'd long forgotten I ever had, I finally feel great today! Unlike other times when I vow to start running again, this time I am pacing myself and taking it slooowly. I'm sticking to the training plan and only doing what the professionals recommend. This is going to be my key to success, I can feel it.

And then Laura, who rolls her terrible eyes and gnashes her terrible teeth at me whenever I so much as mention a day of rest...well, she'll be eatin' my dust.


Laura said...

Okay, Max, relax. the sad thing, is you're completely right, and when it comes to the actual event, I'll be whining at mile 7 about my toenail hurting or something. I can completely predict my self-destruction.
I might as well get some of that hydroxycut stuff. it's my only solution.

kate said...

Oh no, we're in this together! No chemically-induced shortcuts for you! OR your little dog!!!