Friday, January 23, 2009

::grace of small things::

1. Laying in bed with my daughter's long legs draped over mine as we each read our books
2. Flannel sheets the color of dark chocolate
3. Feeling strong during my daily run
4. Listening to Story-Corps every Friday morning during my drive to work
5. Strong, organic coffee in a heavy crockery mug

Wage your own battle against embitterment and participate in Grace of Small Things


Dee said...

That is contentment ! Small things that make us happy, with an "ummmmm" that goes with it.

Some of mine that come to mind:

Sitting in front of the fireplace, feeling that warmth, reading .

Watching the birds , especially the Goldfinches, flock to the bird feeders and enjoy the goodies.

Hovering over the heater vent when it comes on ( sometimes when I'm chilly ).

Loving my house and feeling so very lucky to be living here.

----- a few of the little things---

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

hmmm, some of mine...

Talking to Koby while putting my hand on Lisa's tummy, and feeling Koby kick and wiggle in response to my voice.

Hearing my Gracie-bird say "I love you!"

A cat's purr

New socks

Sunshine on your back when you're wearing a dark colored sweater.

Raindrops on roses, wiskers on kittens....

Jodi said...

Coffee with French Vanilla creamer.


A clean house.

My kids and grandkids.

The smell of a baby...

Fancy Schmancy said...

Lying on your side in bed and having a puppy snuggle under the covers in the crook of your legs while a kitty lies purring at your chest...

Hugging a child that can rest his chin on the top of your head and hearing him say, I love you, too...

David said...

Good topic...

Hearing the dogs' satisfied exhales, when they snuggle up against me.

Thai Noodle Soup on a cold day - a hot spicy broth with lots of fresh vegetables.

Getting into my own bed with the love of my life after traveling for several days.

Sitting in a chair reading with Anna and smelling her hair(when she'll let me get that close to her.)

Anytime I can pick up a tennis racquet.

kate said...

David, I love yours! I love you!

Dee said...

I love all of your comments. Thanks for sharing---it gives me the "warm fuzzies" to read of the contentment everyone has.
We are so lucky to be us !