Wednesday, January 7, 2009

out of the mouths of babes, part 2

I was just reading Imez's post about the plastic crapola that our kids (especially little ones) are given to play with. Everything is plastic, and 99.99% of it is made in China. Which reminded me of one of my favorite kid stories.

One day, my friend's 3 year old became distraught because she couldn't find one of her toys. She was throwing one of those 0h-so-fun tantrums that 3 year olds specialize in, the kind where there is NO reasoning with them so you'd better just go hide in the closet and suck your thumb until said child passes out.

My friend, tired of the crying and whining finally said, in complete exasperation: "Oh for god's sake. It was a piece of plastic crap made in China!!"

Her daughter, now more confused than ever, looked up at her mom and said "It was NOT made in my 'gina!!!"


JACKI said...

oh my God! LMAO!!!

Dee said...

OMG-----a three yr old knows about her 'gina ? ? ? ?

kate said...

Mom, yes, the days where children are told that they came from a "cabbage patch" are gone forever. I hope. I swear I STILL have nightmares about Peter Rabbit.

robyn said...

Oh, the tantrum. Love that quote.

Yeah, these days, many of us don't sugarcoat the private parts. My 3 year old son knows ALL ABOUT his penis, and I can barely remember a time when he couldn't say "penis". He was expressing curiosity about his sister and "boys have penises, so what do girls have?", so it became time to introduce the vagina (the word - not an actual one, for any social services folks reading this).

Nope, no cutesy names for us. Not knocking anyone who goes that way, of course!