Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tell me this:

Is it wrong to choke a co-worker who insists on using the speaker-phone for EVERY. SINGLE. PHONE. CALL??

Seriously. Do we all need to hear you and your wife discussing what's for dinner you colossal douche-bag???

Just wondering.

Carry on.


jpogue said...

You could probably cure that real fast if you start hollering in to him some of the answers to the questions she's asking. "Hey John, tell her you want meatloaf for dinner!" or "Hey John, be sure to tell her you had that for lunch today when you went with YOUR SECRETARY!" That'll cure that stupid sum bitch.

Whosyergurl said...

I worked with an attorney (for a few months, thank god) that we could hear on his speaker phone- THROUGH HIS CLOSED DOOR!

Yeah, I say "rock on," as in turn up the music- drop things, make some noise.

wonder where his hands are? ew.

yes, Chelsea sleeps on her back. Corgis are ever so entertaining!

Dee said...

I think you have every right to strangle him. Or, tell him to repeat what she said to him in bed last night. ( it probably will be "not tonight , you pervert, I have a headache" )

Blank Girl said...

Hmm, you could be passive aggressive about this in so many ways. Like tomorrow you should ask him what he thought of his dinner and suggest something else to try tomorrow night.

Or just start hacking really loud. Or, and especially if he's the one who hates your laugh, pretend you're looking at our blogs and start laughing uncontrollably until he hangs up. In fact, if he IS the one who hates your laugh it's prolly cuz it interferes with his ideal telephonic experiences.

kate said...

Yep, Heather, that's him. I'd originally mentioned that in my post, but took it out so as to try to appear a bit more objective. ha!

He has complained about my laugh, my whistling, my music (which is so low that the only way he could hear it is if he plastered his ear to our common wall) and many other people in the office being too loud. He's the one who tried to get me fired because I wouldn't be his "mistress". And yes, he asked. He has, to put it lightly, ISSUES.

Blank Girl said...

Wow. What a weirdo... he prolly IS doing something he shouldn't with his "free" hands. Eww!!

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

Well, try to be patient, at least he's not complaining about your laughter now. And I wouldn't antaganize him. But I do like the idea of saying, "So how did the t-bones turn out?"

jpogue said...

Hey Kate, I love your new picture. Can I use it as mine on my blog?

kate said...

Jod, sure, you can use it. It's not actually me; I stole it off the computer.