Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh Martha. You've done it again.

Our wedding is going to be at a lovely barn, under huge cottonwood trees, and our invitations had a big tree on them. So today I stumbled across this on Martha's web-page. Forest wedding?? Perfect!

I mean, LOOK at these cakes, will ya?? Look at those little birds!! Ack!

And this:
Holy mother of fiddle-head ferns. And those tiny mushrooms!! Love, love, love it.

Other ideas I just found on her website that I love:
The place settings are way too formal for us, and I hate the colors (too cold) but I love the simple vases with the twigs and birds. Imagine this with an orange linen table runner, clear vases and stones scattered along (see below). Yep.

I love the beautiful simplicity of the smooth, dark stones scattered along a table-runner with candles....That is very, very ME.

Look at this lovely bamboo huppa:
In traditional Jewish ceremonies, the bride and groom are married under a huppa, which is kind of a tent or trellis that they stand under. This one is made of bamboo poles and an embroidered bed-spread. Totally up my alley. I believe our ceremony is going to be outside, since hopefully the weather will be lovely in mid-September. We can do this!

And this as the serving table?

Yep, I just found all sorts of inspiration....It's going to be beautiful. Simple and beautiful.


jpogue said...

Ok, the top cake would be less expensive and would go wonderfully with the twigs on the table you pictured. I LOVE it! Have you gotten any responses from cake people? You could send them that picture (but have them just do as many layers as you'd need) and Jacki wants to put the twigs on. She just called me and is totally excited about doing all this - hand over the credit card sis, it's all taken care of! And it will be cheap! And we can certainly make the thingey you get married under too.

JACKI said...

put me in coach!

David said...

Simple? With 50+ People? You are so out of control.

As far as Chuppas go...If Jews had any real carpentry skills people would be married in a house, but the best we can do is a sheet held up by some sticks. We're good as long as it doesn't rain.

jpogue said...

Well I just happen to have a lovely old bedspread. Unless of course it needs to be clean and un-holey.

Dee said...

Kate, its a good thing you have Jodi and Jacki-----I looked at all that and wondered how you were going to get it all on the plane. Or----yu come 2 weeks early and help round up the goodies and get it all together.
David and I are on the same page.
But-----sign me up too coach.

I've seen Chuppas on tv shows and they look loverly.

kate said...

Oh David, David, David. Have you forgotten all the Jewish girls you ever knew? The ones who had 400 guests and spent $20,000 on catering ALONE??

This IS simple and lovely, sweetie.

yer hillbilly

Anonymous said...

today I can tell my dad that I learned somthing today..he used to ask me everyday when I came home from school and I would "eye roll" and grunt... I think I'll call him and tell him that today I learned that the canopy in a Jewish wedding is a Huppa.. Awesome!

PS...i love the first twig cake

Robyn said...

The twig cake is so pretty, and easily recreated (I think...)

I forgot how much you love birds - that whole theme is perfect!

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

I LOVE that fern cake! And the twigs on the table setting is awsome!


Poor, poor David....

No, I mean it, he is gonna be poor after all this!