Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's the men's turn

1939 Marital Rating ScaleHusband's Chart
George W. Crane, Ph. D., M.D.
(Copyright 1939)

In computing the score, check the various items under DEMERITS which fit the husband, and add the total. Each item counts one point unless specifically weighted, as in the parentheses. Then check the items under MERITS which apply. Now subtract the DEMERIT score from the MERIT score. The result is the husband's raw score. Interpret it according to this table:
Raw Scores......Interpretation
0-24...............Very Poor
76 and up..........Very Superior

1. Stares at or flirts with other women while out with wife. (5)
2. Reads newspaper at table.
3. Fails to come to table promptly when meal is ready.
4. Brings guests home for meals without warning wife.
5. Doesn't phone when late for dinner.
6. Compares wife unfavorably with his mother or other wives. (5)
7. Publicly praises bachelor days and regrets having married.
8. Criticizes wife in public. (5)
9. Belches without apology, or blows nose at table.
10. Leaves dresser drawers open.
11. Leaves shoes in living room. 12. Snores.
13. Careless in bathroom--leaves razor out or ring around tub.
14. Fails to bathe or change socks often enough.
15. Fails to brush teeth regularly or keep nails clean.
16. Dislikes to dress or shave on Sunday. Oh, don't EVEN get me started.
17. Hangs ties or clothes on door-knobs
18. Picks teeth, nose, or sucks on teeth when in public. Mom! Look! You're vindicated!!
19. Objects to wife's driving auto.
20. Uses profanity or vulgarity.
21. Blames wife for everything that goes wrong.
22. Complains of being too tired to go out at night with wife.
23. Is suspicious and jealous.
24. Uses alcohol. If ever drunk. (5)
25. Tells lies, not dependable. (5)
26. Angry if newspaper is disarranged.
27. Stubborn--rarely admits that he is wrong. Seldom apologizes. (5)
28. Talks of efficiency of his stenographer or other women.
29. Teases wife re[spelling?] fatness, slowness, etc.
30. Tells embarrassing things about wife when out in public.
31. Makes fun of wife's hats, clothes, cooking, housekeeping, etc.
32. Smokes in bed. I'll say he does!
33. Calls "Where is . . . ?" without first hunting the object.
34. Monopolizes radio on Sunday as for baseball broadcasts.
35. Dislikes children, or scolds them too harshly. (5)
36. A chronic ailer or patent medicine addict.
37. Writes on tablecloth with pencil. Oh, I hate that!
38. A chronic braggart or boaster.
39. Argues with or curses other motorists.
40. Will not help wife's relatives as much as his own.
41. Rolls in bed covers--pulls them off wife.
42. Eats onions, radishes or garlic before dates or going to bed.
43. Addicted to gambling.
44. Defers too much to mother, a "mamma's boy." (5)
45. Belittles wife's opinions, her judgement, or ability. (5)
46. Opens his wife's mail.
47. Boasts about his former girl friends or his conquests. (5)
48. Leaves lights burning all over the house.
49. Kisses wife just after her make-up has been applied. Every damn day.
50. Too much a book worm--doesn't talk to wife enough when home.

1. Gives wife ample allowance or turns pay check over to her. (5) Not yet....
2. Courteos to wife's friends.
3. Frequently compliments wife re looks, cooking, housekeeping, etc. (5)
4. Remembers birthdays, anniversaries, etc.(5)
5. Helps wife with dishes, caring for children, scrubbing.
6. Polite and mannerly even when alone with wife.
7. Consults wife's opinion re business and social affairs.
8. Has date with wife at least once per week. (5 per date)
9. Reads newspaper, books or magazines aloud to wife.
10. A good conversationalist.
11. Steady worker and good provider. (5)
12. Leaves car for wife on days she may need it.
13. Handy about house re fixing iron, vacuum, hanging pictures, etc.
14. Enjoys taking wife along with him wherever he goes.
15. Doesn't interfere with wife's correstion of children.
16. Carries adequate insurance for family. (5)
17. Doesn't quarrel with wife before children or the public.
18. Makes guests feel welcome--an interesting entertainer.
19. Often tells wife he loves her. (5)
20. Usually comes home with a smile.
21. Shares his business and personal problems with her.
22. Holds wife's coat and opens doors for her.
23. Good humored in the morning.
24. Even-tempered.
25. Does not use tabacco.
26. Interested in athletics. This is a GOOD thing??
27. Writes often and lovingly when away from home.
28. Plays with children or helps them with lessons. (5)
29. Willing to go shopping with wife.
30. Waits up for wife or calls for her at her party.
31. Neat in appearance--shoes shined, hair cut, suit pressed.
32. Attends church or urges children to attend Sunday school. (10)
33. Attends parent-teacher meeting and educational lectures.
34. Ambitious--works or studies to gain promotion.
35. Suprises wife occasionally with candy, flowers, gifts.
36. A fast and efficient worker, not the puttering sort.
37. Willingly prepares own breakfast.
38. Ardent lover--sees that wife has orgasm in marital congress. (20) Did men know about this in 1939??
39. Shows wife attention and affection in public. (5)
40. Is a careful auto driver.
41. Kind, but firm and the head of his household.
42. Well liked by men, courageous--not a sissy. *snort!*
43. Is true to his wife. (5)
44. Eats whatever is served without grumbling or criticism.
45. His children are pleases at his arrival home. (5)
46. Tries to keep wife equipped with modern labor saving devices. (5)
47. Gives wife real movies kisses not dutiful "peck" on the cheek.
48. If wife is ill, phones from work to inquire about her.
49. Neatly hangs up his clothes on hooks or hangers. Ha! Oh man....
50. Kisses wife when leaving for work or trip.


Heidi said...

hi there, found you via your comment on finslippy.

those merit/demerit lists were too fun. my husband is "superior" (although, i already knew that) and i am "very poor" (i already knew that, too). :)

jpogue said...

So did you take the test and if so, what was your score?