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The seams in my hose are often crooked but at least I react with pleasure and delight to marital congress

1939 Marital Rating Scale::Wife's Chart
George W. Crane, Ph. D., M.D.

In computing the score, check the various items under DEMERITS which fit the wife, and add the total. Each item counts one point unless specifically weighted as in the parentheses. Then check the items under MERITS which apply; now subtract the DEMERIT score from the MERIT score. The result is the wife's raw score. Interpret it according to this table:

Raw Scores Interpretation
0-24...............Very Poor
76 and up..........Very Superior

1. Slow in coming to bed -- delays till husband is almost asleep.
2. Doesn't like children. (5)
3. Fails to sew on buttons or darn socks regularly.
4. Wears soiled or ragged dresses and aprons around the house.
5. Wears red nail polish.
6. Often late for appointments. (5)
7. Seams in hose often crooked.
8. Goes to bed with curlers on her hair or much face cream.
9. Puts her cold feet on husband at night to warm them.
10. Is a backseat driver.
11. Flirts with other men at parties or restaurants. (5)
12. Is suspicious and jealous. (5)
13. Uses slang or profanity. (5)
14. Smokes, drinks, gambles, or uses dope. (5)
15. Talks about former boy friends or first husband.
16. Squeezes tooth paste at the top.
17. Reminds husband it is her money they are living on. (5)
18. Tells family affairs to casual acquaintances, too talkative.
19. A chronic borrower--doesn't keep stocked up.
20. Slows up card game with chatter and gossip.
21. Opens husband's personal mail.
22. Frequently exceeds her allowance or family budget. (5)
23. Eats onions, radishes, or garlic before a date or going to bed.
24. Tells risque or vulgar stories. (5)
25. Wears pajamas while cooking.
26. Talks during movie, play or concert.
27. Is more than 15 pounds overweight.
28. Often whining or complaining.
29. Discourteous to sales clerks and hired help.
30. Shoulder straps hang over arms or slip is uneven and shows.
31. Fails to wash top of milk bottle before opening it.
32. Corrects husband's speech or actions before others. (5)
33. Saves punishment of children for father at night. (5)
34. Serves dinner but fails to sit down till meal is half over--then wants husband to wait for her.
35. Wears pajamas instead of nightgown.
36. Fails to bathe or brush teeth often enough. (5)
37. Puts stockings to soak in wash basin.
38. Serves too much from tin cans or the delicatessen store.
39. Visits mother too often--a spoiled child.
40. Is snobbish or too much concerned in "keeping up with the Jones."
41. Dislikes husband's hobbies as fishing, baseball, etc.
42. Tells lies--not dependable. (5)
43. Doesn't want to get up to prepare breakfast.
44. Insists on driving the car when husband is along.
45. Smokes in bed or has cigarette stained fingers.
46. Cries, sulks or pouts too much.
47. Makes evening engagements without consulting her husband.
48. Talks too long on the phone.
49. Is a gossip.
50. Walks around house in stocking feet.

1. A good hostess--even to unexpected guests.
2. Has meals on time.
3. Can carry on an interesting conversation.
4. Can play a musical instrument, as piano, violin, etc.
5. Dresses for breakfast.
6. Neat housekeeper--tidy and clean.
7. Personally puts children to bed.
8. Never goes to bed angry, always makes up first. (5)
9. Asks husband's opinions regarding important decisions and purchases.
10. Good sense of humor--jolly and gay.
11. Religious--sends children to church or Sunday school and goes herself.
12. Lets husband sleep late on Sunday and holidays.
13. Encourages thrifty--economical. (5)
14. Laughs at husband's jokes and his clowning.
15. Ambitious for her family--urges higher attainment.
16. Belongs to parent-teacher club, or child study group.
17. A good cook--serves balanced meals. (5)
18. Tries to become acquainted with husband's business or trade.
19. Greets husband at night with a smile.
20. Has a pleasant disposition in the morning--not crabby.
21. Keeps snacks in refrigerator for late eating.
22. Likes educational and cultural things.
23. Reacts with pleasure and delight to marital congress. (10)
24. Faithful and true to husband. (10)
25. Has pleasant voice--not strident.
26. Has spunk--will defend her ideals and religion.
27. Praises husband in public.
28. Writes often and lovingly when away from husband.
29. Writes to husband's parents regularly.
30. Willing to assist husband at office or shop.
31. Sympathetic--likes children and unfortunates. (5)
32. Keeps hair neatly combed or shampooed and waved.
33. Often comments on husband's strength and masculinity.
34. Good seamstress--can make her own clothes or the children's clothes.
35. Gives husband shampoo or manicure.
36. Keeps husband's clothes clean and presses.
37. Bravely carries on during financial depression.
38. Healthy or courageous and uncomplaining.
39. Keeps self dainty, perfumed and feminine.
40. Is of same religion as her husband. (5)
41. Has minor children to care for. (5 points per child)
42. On friendly terms with neighbors.
43. Fair and just in settling the children's quarrels with others.
44. Likes to vacation with husband.
45. An active member of some women's organization.
46. Often tells husband she loves him. (5)
47. Polite and mannerly even when alone with husband.
48. Willing to get a job to help support the home.
49. Praises marriage before young women contemplating it.
50. Is unselfish and kind-hearted.

This test represents the composite opinions of 600 husbands who were asked to list chief merits and demerits of their wives. They talked frankly. I have summarized the most frequently voiced flaws and virtues and have weighted those items which, in my judgment as a psychologist and physician, are especially important in marriage. I commend this test to the attention of all intelligent women who aspire to make their marriages both permanent and happy. Young women contemplating matrimony might very profitably use this test as a practical guide.
Dr George W. Crane


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