Wednesday, July 23, 2008

proof that I love my daughter

This...this...this BEAST crawled out of the kitchen sink this morning as I was loading the dishwasher.

Now, are two things in the world that just CREEP. ME. OUT: bats and spiders. And I was home alone; no one would have known if I'd accidentally turned on the water and sent him down the drain. But Anna was due home soon from her dad's and I knew that she would want to see this monster. He was HUGE, easily the size of a quarter. So I scooped him up into a jar, covered it with plastic wrap, poked some holes in the top and even gave him some lettuce to munch on while we waited for Anna.

Then I sat back with the Dust Buster in one hand and a rocket-launcher in the other and kept an eye on him until Anna came home.

After marveling at his size ("Whoa! That's like the size of a tarantula!"), we set him free in the back yard, in a far, far corner amidst some lovely tasty flowers.

AFTER we water-boarded him into promising never to come near the house again, of course.


jpogue said...

What more cn I say - that's just disgusting.

JACKI said...

I love my kids... buy NOT that much!

Robyn said...

Ugh. You are so, so, SO much braver than I.

Dee said...

Geeeeee Kate. That's going too far. I hope when Anna wasn't looking you ----- accidently---stepped on him !