Thursday, June 26, 2008


Dress? What dress? Here, look at Anna's pet snails:
They are named
Abbie, Dot Dot, Scooter and Original. She has trained them to do amazing! circus! tricks! such as headstands, crawling on each other (at her command, of course) and the tight-rope.

Ok, I did open the the box and peak at the dress. The fabric is lovely. Tonight I have the house to myself (Anna at her dad's and David out of town) so I will maybe probably most-likely work up the courage to try it on.

Do you think that duct-tape can also substitute as a girdle?


JACKI said...

a pair of spanks will do WONDERS! When I wear mine I can seriously go down like 2 sizes and best of all they're pretty comfortable.


kate said...

Jacki, I just ordered some Spanxs. Maybe I won't even try it on until I have them to put under it!

Dee said...

Peeking at the dress is a start, and thinking the material is lovely is a very good second step. So, we're getting there.
And no, you can't make us wait till the Spanxs get there. Use duct tape or whatever, but try it on and get a general idea.
HURRY !!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

I'd be happy to duct tape ya again!!!!


(rollin' on the floor laughin' my ass off.)