Sunday, June 15, 2008

I think we have a winner!

Do you like how I did that? Get you all to vote between not two, not five but SEVEN dresses.....and then choose one that's not even on the list?! HA! I made you feel like you had some power and then WHOOSH! I yank it out from under your feet. That'll teach you to try to tell ME what to do.

No, really, this was my very favorite choice from the beginning. Hell, I loved this dress (from JCrew) before I even knew I'd be getting divorced and remarried. I'd seen it when they first started offering wedding dresses years ago and thought, geez, now why couldn't I have found something like that when I got married?? Perfection.

So why didn't I put it in the line-up? I dunno...I guess I thought it was TOO plain. But that's really what I love about it, and that's exactly what will make it feel right for our out-door wedding at a barn, I think. I think I could easily go barefoot (if I so choose) or wear some sweet simple sandals and be able to throw on a little cardigan sweater if it cools down. And as my mom said, I can even shorten it after the wedding and wear it again, should I ever need to dress up some warm summer evening.

BUT WAIT! I need you to help me vote AGAIN. Go to this link and look at it in all the different colors. I love the ivory...but maybe I should do a different color? I'm NOT a fan of pastels; I think it's lovely in brown. But would that be weird for my own wedding? Remember, this is not our first marriage and it is going to be a more casual affair. Although brown could make it tricker for David to find something to wear. Also, this dress is available in two shorter versions (the fabric is different and they are available in many more colors than the long version). Here and here.

What do you think? Should I stick with the long ivory version, do the long brown version or do a shorter colored version??


Dee said...

Call me old fashioned (cuz I am ) but I love the long ivory dress. THAT is a wedding dress. ( I thought it was white. ) Some of the other colors are very pretty, its a beautiful style----but this is a WEDDING.
You'll look stunning wearing that.

kate said...

Awwww, thanks mom!! :)

Heather said...

Whatever version you choose will look beautiful, but the shorter versions looked great, too. I'm kinda tempted to get the knee-length kind in "bright aquamarine!" ;)

jpogue said...

LOVE the one in the picture here!

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

See, I want the knee length version is papaya! Damn that would make me look tan!

Hey! Here's a funny idea, lets ALL show up at Kate's wedding wearing HER dress!!! LMAO!!! OMG! Wouldn't she just die! Don't tell her, it'll be our secret!

kate said...

Heather, I know, I loved the auqamarine one too! But I do think I'll get the long ivory one. How many times in your life do you get to wear a wedding dress? (Unless you're Lala....) *snort!*

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful!! Hurry up and get married so I can see pictures!!