Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lake ride

As promised, here are some photos from my ride yesterday. And although I rode along the lake, it just didn't thrill me like my usual ride down through the canyon does. I'll take photos of that ride today. Anyway, here is the old train bridge that crosses the lake.
There is a big ol' osprey nest on one end of it: It was another beautiful day, although a bit windy along the lake. There were many, many people out ambling, er, walking. People who do not grasp that there are bikers using the trail, too. Bikers going faster than a speeding cow. And I guess it bares repeating: When a biker yells (giving you plenty of time to react)"ON YOUR LEFT", it does NOT mean scatter in all directions across the trail. No, it does not. It means MOVE YOUR ARSE TO THE RIGHT. To the right of the path. Not to Aunt Martha's right. It's really very simple. And while I'm at it, I know you're the same people who drive in the left lane on the interstate even though you are not passing anyone. Jeezus. Just stop it. KEEP TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE.

Ahem. Oh, sorry. Now, where was I? Oh yes, enjoying my peaceful, relaxing bike ride. Here, look at the pretty little flowers!

On the way back over the bridge, I stopped to watch the swallows (while hugging the RIGHT SIDE OF THE TRAIL of course) for a minute and noticed the osprey was off her nest, watching for lunch to appear.

We had a talk and she promised me she would poop on the walkers when they came ambling by.


Dee said...

That is so great ! And to have a special "people pooper" is the best!
I agree about the scattered walkers. Or they don't move at all and then give you crap as you pass. I used to ride the Greenbelt a hundred years ago and that's what I got too. AND the freeway !

jpogue said...

So I'm assuming we can add casual walkers to the following list of people who you have blogged about previously that piss you off:

Dear tired six year old: please do not scream like I’ve dipped you in red-hot lava when in fact, all I did was attempt help you get dressed so we could get. out. the. door. this morning.

Dear Overly Enthusiastic Checker at Albertsons: Please do not ask how my day is going, using that completely fake saccharine-sweet tone of voice you use on your elderly, demented (and apparently, DEAF) 104 year old grandmother. You can't possibly be that thrilled about your job.

Dear George W. Bush: You are the leader (shudder) of the most powerful nation in the world. Please, for the love of all things holy, stop speaking as if you are still on the ranch in Crawford. Or I know!! GO BACK TO CRAWFORD and stay there.

Dear co-worker to whom the sound of human laughter is so deeply offensive: Please, for the love of god, GO GET LAID. And/or admit that you are gay and be fine with it. Women are not evil.

To my boss: Please, stop sending me emails with cheesy water-color images of big-eyed kittens, red roses and American flags, thanking God for our freedom. Do you not see that Darwin sticker on my car?

To this same person: Please stop sending me emails thanking me for being your best friend which then say that I have 5 minutes to send this email back to you and also must forward it to 16 of my other best friends or I will die of some flesh-eating disease. I always delete them and I still have all my fingers and toes.

To our neighbor, Ted: Ted. Please. I know you haven’t left the house for 35 years but please, I beg you, stop wearing those five-sizes-too-small-polyester shorts to water your lawn with your hose. I will gladly come over and help you figure out how to shop online. We’ll buy you a sprinkler while we’re at it.

To my ex-husband’s new girl-friend: if you didn’t want a boyfriend with an ex-wife or a child, you shouldn’t have gotten involved with this particular man. Yes, he and I do need to speak occassionally regarding our child, but I have moved on, am happier than ever and am no threat to you. I will become less a part of his life as time goes on, but his daughter is here to stay. And also? If you’d make even the slightest fucking effort, you’d see what an amazing kid she really is.

kate said...

Wow. I am an asshole. Thanks for the reminder. :)

Dee said...

Oh, no, You're NOT an asshole. Just more verbal about all the others out there.
As I read, I had to go back a few times to make sure that was not Kate venting. You nailed it,Jodi.

kate said...

She didn't nail it; she PLAGERIZED it. Actually, that is a cut-and-paste job from an old post of mine. But I still stand by every single one.

mysecondjournal said...

AWESOME pics..Love them.

Dee said...

I believe that's called a "quote". Plagerized is a nasty word.

And those are perfectly legitimate gripes.

Cami said...

It's beautiful where you live. Are you still riding that cool bike you got last year?

jpogue said...

Actually, I thought that was one of the best posts you've ever done, I laughed my butt off. That's why I had to go through ever. single. blog you've written since to try to find it again!

Dee said...

Research, research ! And "sticktuitiveness". (whew)

I just love ospreys and you got great pictures. -----There was an osprey nest overlooking the fish hatchery in McCall for years, and one year a GOOSE nested in it---the fool and she was too big. She hung out over the edges and eventually broke it down. idgit

kate said...

I LOVE my sweet cruiser, but it's only a 3-speed so I keep it at home and use it for neighborhood rides. I have a mtn. bike that I ride for exercise and speed! :)

jpogue said...

Speed? You? Now THAT'S funny, I don't care who you are!