Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Waist not want not

I work for an organization that conducts random drug tests. The old "pee in a cup" thing used to really offend me, not because I have anything to hide. But it's so...degrading, ya know?

But now, it doesn't seem so bad when you consider that if you lived and worked in Japan, your boss would occasionally come ask you to raise your shirt so that he could MEASURE YOUR WAIST. And if it turns out that you exceed Japan's new obesity guidelines (men must be at or below 33.5 inches, and women must be at or below 35.5) you are given an exercise plan, a diet and a certain amount of time to whittle that waist down. If you fail to do so, the company you work for is FINED by the government.

Why has Japan had to take such drastic (pun intended) measures? Japanese people are, by nature, slim people. They have been this way for CENTURIES due in part to their healthy regular daily diet of Miso soup, vegetables and a small portion of fish. This average Japanese meal is about 600 calories.

But guess who came to town? The golden arches. That's right: a Big Mac, fries and large soda comes in at over 1300 calories. So now that the Japanese have access to American fast food, they're facing an obesity epidemic, much like our own. American fast food is changing the shape of people on the other side of the planet. How's that for progress?


jpogue said...

Yea, it's interesting to see how other countries take care of their problems and treat their citizens. Every time I hear about somebody burning our flag or complaining about our country, I wish I could ship them off to a foreign country where they could see how bad things REALLY could be!

I'm actually going to pick up Grace for lunch today and we're going to Mcdonalds - is that bad?

kate said...



JACKI said...

hmmmm... Im still trying to figure out the title.

kate said...

Jacki, my love, it's all in the spelling. :)

Dee said...

McDonalds is happy ! They're EVERYWHERE ! Except McCall. Those boys , this weekend, could NOT believe there was no McDonalds, no fast food place in town. They thought they'd been dropped off at the moon, but I'm sure there's one there too. So, they went to My Father's Place and wouldn't tell us what they got there.

Anonymous said...

Well it's not just McDonals fault..it's ALL fast food and the way food is premade. We're lazy we don't cook enough..and when we do we take shortcuts.
I made brocoli chicken breasts..they were premade you just had to bake..and they were AWESOME.. but it would have been so much better for us if I baked the boneless skinnless chicken breast and steamed some veggies.. But no..
I wonder what they feed those Japense Sumo wrestlers?